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148098, RE: Not even Cialis can help !!!
Posted by 81 Newbee, Fri Jan-25-08 05:24 AM
In my many years on this planet,I can say I never ever was jealous of a politician!What few momentsI can recall,when the"green monster"took over my mind, the incident was caused by a guy dating a gal who seemed "out of my league"That ended when I learned tht no one was totally "out of my league"That is why I was 27 before I met my wife who was "out of my league".I persisted and was luckey enough to convince her that I might be in her league(I owe most of my successes in life to her).
Hillary, to me ,is a cold calculating women .I guess you have to be a bit caloused and full of crap to be successful in politics .Her latest TV ads here in California promise us lower gas prices, and health care for all etc etc.She screwed up health care in Bills term and she damn sure has no chance of affecting gas prices.There are a lot smarter and established politicians who would have done that by now .Accomplishing that would be an automatic election ticket.When I was a kid a company gave out wooden nickels that you could turn in for a double decker ice cream cone.Even wooden nickles had their day.I hope Hillary has had hers for now.Unless lots of things change, I hope to have the opportunity to vote for Obama !! :+