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150166, RE: England is getting a taste of California
Posted by 81 Newbee, Thu Feb-28-08 04:49 AM
I'm glad there was no serious damage or injuries.The kind that sound like a train approaching are bad but the one I really do not like are the ones that hit like a truck slammed into your house and then continue to shake it with a rolling motion.It's hard to move when that is occuring and everything loose is moving.Scarey as can be !When it stops you check for gas leaks and water leaks in that order. You then check for other damage and your neighbors !
I still would rather sweat them than Tornadoes and Hurricanes.At least the earthquake is over in a hurry.I got caught in a landing craft,in amphibious training , when a hurricane hit Florida and we were lucky to blow unto "Dog Island "before it really blew(Scared hell out of me,and that was when I was young and stupid enough to think I was immortal)
When I moved here in 1956 the forcast was for the mother of all quakes to hit within the next 30 years.We had some bad ones but not the "mother"They are still predicting it to come"in the next 30 years"
If they keep moving the prediction they might be right eventuallyThey are probably from the Al Gore school of science! :lol: :+