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218389, RE: I Am Surviving 2020 So Far - Check-in Thread
Posted by jasonlevine, Fri Mar-27-20 01:21 PM
Yup. I live in. upstate NY. We're not getting slammed like the NYC area is, but our cases are still on the rise. We've been locked in our house for two weeks now. I only venture out to get groceries (as little as possible). When I get home, my clothes immediately go into the wash and I scrub my hands.

Beth will also occasionally venture out if her mother needs her, but that's rare. (Her mother was in the hospital for 60+ days this past summer so we don't want to expose her to anything.) The kids have been home from school for two weeks and likely will stay out for at least another month.

I'm working from home and basically living a hermit life. It's hard not being able to leave the house, but we're managing. Doing all we can to flatten the curve since the New York health care system isn't going to be able to withstand the influx of patients otherwise.