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Topic subjectRE: I Am Surviving 2020 So Far - Check-in Thread
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218414, RE: I Am Surviving 2020 So Far - Check-in Thread
Posted by crazyXgerman, Sun Jul-05-20 01:51 AM
Hey! :--)

Long time since I have paid a visit. Got a surprise message from ChrisP yesterday which was awesome. Thought I'd stop by and check in.

I was really sad to hear about Shelly's passing. He was a great guy and y'all did a fine job posting your sentiments about him. I'm so glad he joined us at our Florida get-together many years ago.

I'm surviving 2020 OK so far. Working every day (I'm now a home inspector with my own company), trying to stay healthy following safety protocols, and making the best of it.

It's awesome to see so many familiar names still around here. You guys really have a great family here. Sorry to see that things have slowed down a bit.

I hope you all have a fantastic 4th of July weekend, that you all are happy and healthy, and wish you all the best.