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Topic subjectRE: I Am Surviving 2020 So Far - Check-in Thread
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218459, RE: I Am Surviving 2020 So Far - Check-in Thread
Posted by Bob G, Wed Mar-24-21 07:51 PM
A day shy of a year. Huh. Got the J&J one and done shot. Could have waited a week for the Moderna, but I actually wanted the J&J. Turned 65 during the interim, so was able to get me and my 92 year old mother in on the same day. They do it in a church (small town) and it looked pretty funny to see basically all the old people in the county show up in a parking lot (they did 1400 that day, got a big load of the J&J.)

I'm treating the shot as a backup to the mask and distancing and what amounts to sheltering in place. Got some N95 masks. They're probably too small, but that makes them fit nice and tight. There are plenty available if you want to pay for them.