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Topic subjectIt's been 20 years since I became a PCQ&A Member!
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218461, It's been 20 years since I became a PCQ&A Member!
Posted by Justin87, Tue Mar-30-21 06:23 AM
Hi everyone!

I'm not sure if some of you remember me. I used to go by the name "CoolKid" on this forum. I just thought of dropping by after I saw the PCQ&A icon on my bookmarks bar. It has never left that bar since I joined exactly 20 years ago.

I'm happy to see that the page interface hasn't changed at all. I feel like I'm in the early 21st century again haha. However, I am unable to view my previous posts and I keep getting an HTTP Error 500 for some reason. By reading the titles of my posts, I just realized how much of a "nerd" I was in the early 2000s, and some were just plain childish haha.

On another note, I am saddened to realize that Shelly had already passed on two years ago. He was like a father figure to me here.

Anyway, I'm glad to be back and to see those ancient emoji again. Cheers!

218462, RE: It's been 20 years since I became a PCQ&A Member!
Posted by Red Squirrel, Wed Apr-07-21 01:38 AM
Same here, probably around 20 years myself, pretty crazy how time flies. I originally joined when it was PC911. I was a kid/teenager and let's just say I did not get along with some people here as we sometimes had disagreements and I'd take criticism a little too hard, but I've long put that behind me, and I sometimes check this place and feel nostalgic honestly. Sad to see it mostly died down and also sad to see all the members that have passed over the years.

I would have been like maybe 12-13ish when I joined. And now I'm 34. Where has time gone. :o

(this is actually a different account than I had back then, I got banned - and deserved it, back in the day lol)
218464, RE: It's been 20 years since I became a PCQ&A Member!
Posted by jasonlevine, Wed May-05-21 01:24 AM

Good to see you. Unfortunately, I'm aware of the HTTP 500 error messages. I'm looking into a new forum script. This one's nice and all, but it's definitely showing its age.

Hopefully, I'll have time to work on it soon. Between a big system lanuch at my day job and my oldest son getting ready to go to college in a few months, things are hectic here.