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218504, Gifts From Alaska
Posted by Daylilydayzed, Sat Nov-19-22 08:23 AM
While youngest son and daughter-in-law were in Alaska they picked up some things for the boys and surprised me with 2 T shirts, a canvas bag with graphics on it that don't show up much indoors but out in sunlight they really pop out, and finally my son handed me a small red box with a snap fastener on it. I opened the box to find an opal (larger than my thumbnail)in a sterling silver geometric setting on a thin rope like cord of silver necklace. I was shocked when I saw it. I know my son had a hand in picking it out because he knows that opal is my birthstone.
We will be going back up to Virginia in Dec to be with th boys while they are out of school on Christmas break.
218505, RE: Gifts From Alaska
Posted by KJT, Mon Nov-21-22 08:29 PM
What a nice surprise! Your son (and/or your daughter-in-law) are so thoughtful I hope you have a good trip next month, and decent weather. I've forgotten your grandsons' ages but I expect that they've changed quite a lot.

A bit of humor: I don't know much about jewelry but I once had an Opel It was dark blue, and much, much larger than yours. It came from Germany of all places. It cost a fraction of my home's cost unlike today when the prices are at least as much as I paid for my home. Oh, It would seat 4, or 5 in a pinch, and it was built by GM. :7

218508, RE: Gifts From Alaska
Posted by Daylilydayzed, Tue Nov-22-22 08:05 AM
Hi Jim ,
The two boys are aged 17 and 7. We are there to keep the peace between the two since they do not gt along. My age gap between my baby sister is 15 years and 3 days and we get along so much better than my grandsons do
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