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The future of PCQandA
Hi all, As you might have noticed, PCQandA has been very quiet recently. When we first launched in October 2002, we had close to 11,000 posts in th
jasonlevineNov-10-23 03:32 PM
by Red Squirrel
A New Marine
On the 12th of this month my 2nd oldest grandson Tyler Mason graduated from the US Marine Corps boot camp. He is going into the cyber security field i
DaylilydayzedMay-07-24 06:49 PM
by nightlyreader
Loss of our Dogs
Back last year we lost our female long hair miniature dachshund on May 31. Then in Dec we lost our male miniature long hair dachshund. Sugarfoot was t
DaylilydayzedJan-04-24 12:04 AM0
Daughter Moved Back Home
Just before our son passed away, our daughter move back home because her rent was going up to over a 1000.00 She could not afford that. She had a pro
DaylilydayzedDec-08-23 07:29 AM0
Things are really getting bad now in the West Bank
Things are really getting bad now in the West Bank. Shame. h ttp:// m/dc/user_files2/284 10.jpg (Hint, http://www.pcqanda.c om/dc
therubeDec-07-23 06:12 PM0
I don't want to seem like a ghoul, but it's been almost 5 years and it still doesn't seem real. Rest in peace, sir. It was an honor to have known you
ablibSep-07-23 12:08 AM
by Paul D
@Pcqandaman "Smar t pill could be game changer in diagnosis, treatment of bowel diseases" https://m s/2023-08-smart-pill -game-ch
therubeSep-07-23 12:06 AM
by Paul D
loss Of a pet
On the night of May 31 after our miniature long hair female went to bed with her beloved Pappa , she was in her bed by the closet door. When I go to b
DaylilydayzedJun-07-23 04:02 AM0
Anyone heard of Abdomax?
I know this is a long shot but I thought I would try anyway. I have chronic IBS and have been looking for solutions for years without any luck. I ju
PcqandamanFeb-14-23 03:51 PM
by Pcqandaman
A Death In The Family
It is with a heavy heart I post this. t 7:42 AM this morning my oldest son passed away from complications of dialysis. He had a cyst in his stomach la
DaylilydayzedDec-24-22 10:54 AM
by Dominicmorrison
Gifts From Alaska
While youngest son and daughter-in-law were in Alaska they picked up some things for the boys and surprised me with 2 T shirts, a canvas bag with grap
DaylilydayzedNov-22-22 07:05 AM
by Daylilydayzed
My personal milestone
http://www.pcqanda.c om/dc/user_files2/28 405.jpg 100,000 miles - 160,934.4 kilometers That was a large cake made by combining two 1/2 sheet cake
KJTNov-21-22 10:58 PM
by Ttech
Goibg to Virgina
In a few weeks my hubby and I will be going to Virginia to be with our two youngest grandsons. Their parents are going to be on an Alaskan cruise. The
DaylilydayzedAug-29-22 01:35 AM
by Daylilydayzed
Things are really getting bad now in Ukraine
Things are really getting bad now in Ukraine. Shame. http://www.pcqan 2/28399.jpg http: // /user_files2/
therubeJul-08-22 09:30 PM
by dtellier
Blu ray player recommendations.
It's time for a blu ray player. Right now it's mostly going to be watching DVDs. I don't have TV service where I moved into because I won't pay comcas
StevehikerJun-29-22 04:14 AM
by Stevehiker
I love Ohio weather
Today, March 30, 2022 forecast: "Rain/Freezing Rain Likely then Partly Sunny Hig h: 68 F " Right now there's freezing rain falling. M
KJTApr-28-22 03:43 PM
by therube
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UbiqcomFeb-14-22 01:20 PM0
It's been 20 years since I became a PCQ&A Member! Pages 1 | 2
Hi everyone! I'm not sure if some of you remember me. I used to go by the name "CoolKid" on this forum. I just thought of dropping by after I saw t
Justin87Dec-16-21 05:31 AM
by levinsmith0444
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ostinmaryDec-07-21 05:02 PM
by peterb
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Berenice5Aug-27-21 12:42 PM0
New Phone
Last week my old phone got suspend by AT&T because it was a 3G phone. Phone will not charge or display the items on my home screen in fact nothings sh
DaylilydayzedAug-26-21 03:33 AM
by Daylilydayzed
New Computer& New Laptop
Since the last time I checked in here, the remodel is finally finished. Wider doorways carpet out, vinyl flooring in and so on. 2 years ago our young
DaylilydayzedAug-26-21 12:52 AM
by randybedore
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david230Aug-09-21 12:46 PM0
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islarose674Aug-08-21 12:55 PM0
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jessicapetersonJul-09-21 12:33 PM0
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qbsenterpriseMay-04-21 11:04 PM0
I Am Surviving 2020 So Far - Check-in Thread Pages 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Saw a couple folks posted yesterday which confirmed this place is still functioning! With world events unfolding as they are, be great to hear from a
collegeguyMar-24-21 07:51 PM
by Bob G
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hamzadaniMar-08-21 04:09 PM0
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hamzadaniMar-08-21 04:08 PM0
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hamzadaniMar-08-21 04:07 PM0
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