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PCQandA Fundraiser incoming [View all]
I just realized that we're overdue for a fundraiser. (Between my mother-in-law's health issues over the summer, planning for my son's Bar Mitzvah, and
jasonlevineMar-31-20 03:39 PM0

Sbi Personal Banking [View all]
Spam removed by moderator.
Fellowhelper111May-09-20 03:32 PM0

Edge Extensions Disabled [View all]
I just noticed that all my Win10 non-Microsoft Store extensions (i.e., Chrome Web store extensions) have been disabled - at least they weren't surrept
KJTAug-30-20 02:56 PM0

Spam removed [View all]
Spam removed. This is not an advertising website.
calltutorsSep-09-20 04:09 PM0

Another phishing email [View all]
Just received today which included the following message and looked very official, and for the record, I do not have, nor have ordered Norton: " De
bobboDec-07-20 08:16 PM0

No startup Apps? [View all]
W10, all updates. I'm using a Logitech trackball, and when I set the speed and motion just as I like it, it won't stay that way at the next startup. T
lenjackDec-26-20 09:10 PM0

Spam removed [View all]
Spam is not allowed here. Don't come back.
marcusharris03Jan-11-21 05:25 PM0

Alternative to Sandboxie [View all]
https://www.sandboxi I currently use the above for testing and it has now moved to open source. I have nothing against open source but I have
PcqandamanJan-19-21 11:51 AM0

tracking processes accessing the camera and microphone [View all]
Can someone explain me how to track all the sessions (using sysmon) step by step? I didn't quite get what I should be doing from the link. https://
sh.kJan-28-21 06:45 PM0

New Computer Build Dilemma [View all]
My new computer build has been slowed down by Covid. For one, prices on such components as video cards have soared. As a non gamer I was considering
daniellFeb-28-21 06:21 PM0

spam [View all]
adgroupsMar-12-21 01:35 PM0

Everything Search Engine v1.5.x Alpha [View all]
Everything Search Engine v1.5.x Alpha Everythin g Search Engine v1.5.x Alpha Locate files and folders by name instantly. Home : http://www.vo
therubeMar-15-21 04:24 PM0

Registry Question about Bluetooth User Support Service [View all]
Never mind! I don't know what I did but it's fixed. :rolleyes:
GreyFalconMay-17-21 02:54 AM0

Don't you just hate spammers? [View all]
spam spam spam
voreraw250Jun-23-21 11:41 AM0

From the NY Tmes [View all]
BREAKING NEWS Russia’s most aggressive ransomware group, blamed for multiple attacks on the U.S., suddenly went offline. Who made that happen i
bobboJul-14-21 03:47 AM0

router speed question [View all]
I recently replaced a Netgear Nighthawk router with a Linksys velop system with 3 nodes. All installed easily & everything is working, but I'm not ge
John M.Sep-13-21 09:27 PM0

Spam [View all]
Spam removed by moderator
kennethparkerSep-16-21 09:19 PM0

Any early adopters of Win 11 out there? [View all]
Is anyone using Win 11 and what do you think of it? I just upgraded to a new PC that is capable of meeting all the requirements and my first impressio
GreyFalconSep-26-21 12:00 PM0

Need a Mobile Phone Number Lookup [View all]
SPAM removed by moderator.
Rumi22Nov-22-21 05:59 AM0

Testbanks21 [View all]
SPAM removed by moderator.
robinsmithstersNov-23-21 01:33 PM0

Total WebShield [View all]
Got a popup for Total WebShield for FireFox. I have good malware protection and wonder about Total WebShield, Any comments would be appreciated. T
bobboApr-16-22 05:25 AM0

Edge Startup Boost vs.CCleaner [View all]
Have you had problems with CCleaner scans by skipping and/or attempting to close your Edge browser while attempting to scan/clean? If so, it's tha
KJTMay-15-22 12:37 PM0

replacing 1151 ASUS motherboard for a better 1151 ASUS ... [View all]
Just as it says. Want to know if I have to do anything special, Like disable the TPM in the BIOS, anything with the OS. Running Windows 11. Any input
HAWK99GTSep-22-22 05:00 PM0

New Chromebook 2 [View all]
Just read Dan K's post from May. My 9 y/o MacAir cpu and memory became overwhelmed with newest OS update. Read a review of Lenovo chromebook and boug
randybedoreSep-25-22 03:51 PM0

How to Modify Linux windows 10 dual boot [View all]
I have a dual boot laptop with Linx Mint and Windows 10. When the computer is turned on, the boot manager presents 4 line items. The first is Linux Mi
aldagoJul-13-23 08:22 PM0

Windows 10 Home Start Button [View all]
All Windows 10 Home icons on taskbar show up and work except for the Start button which causes the taskbar to lower and disappear when clicked. I've t
aldagoOct-13-23 12:50 PM0

Outlook Send Page Has Changed [View all]
Outlook has suddenly changed. When I open the send page, the TO,CC,SUBJECT,SEND boxes recently have become very large. Has anyone had this problem and
aldagoApr-09-24 06:24 PM0

Router question: Dual Core Vs Quad Core [View all]
Hello all, I'm in the market for a new router. I see there are some that are dual core while others are quad core. In which instance would I need t
MistahManMay-23-24 05:36 PM0
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