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fast82vetteWed Nov-28-01 03:36 AM
Member since Nov 25th 2001
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"Lost CAB files needed (STILL)"


OK, I SCREWED UP! ! ! ! --- I SCREWED UP! ! ! !

I'm going to post this for the LAST time.

I first posted on this PC911 Forum! early in the morning on the 25th of November 2001.

I've been sitting at my computer for about 18 hours a day since my first post early November 25th. waiting for someone to e-mail me the CAB files I'm missing.

Someone that I know, sent me the wrong files.

I DID NOT get the right CAB files! I repeat, I DID NOT get the right files, and the ones I did get was NOT from the "PC911 Forum!"


(NOT RIVER21.CAB will be zipped with a WinZip logo)


The Drivers can be attached directly to an e-mail to me.

IMPORTANT: I need the "Created:" and "Modified:" dates. All you have to do to find The Created and Modified dates, is by right clicking on the cab file and go to Properties, and everything will be on the General tab. Those dates must be in the message body of the e-mail. So you can type the 2 dates (Created date and Modified date) in the body of the e-mail. Then attach the driver to the e-mail and. . . . Please Send each file in a seperate e-mail to:

They must be attached from: C:\WINDOWS\Options\Cabs

The dates will change when copied to the e-mail.
That's why I need you to type the dates mentioned above to the body of the e-mail.

There should be a total of 6 e-mails.

I don't think I can say it more simple than this.


Your Operating System MUST be EXACTLY the same as below.

My O/S is the same as below.

On the "System Properties", General tab, under the "System", it should say:
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition 4.10.2222 A < this is the version. the 2222, means Second Edition.

under "Registered to:" there is your name and a number. The number WILL or WILL NOT have "OEM" in it.
example: (x = a number) xxxxx-OEM-xxxxxxx-xxxxx

I'd like to know if the DRIVERS are from an OEM Recovery disc or not. Actually, I'd like a set of each to compare.

Please, e-mail them directly to my e-mail address:

I wont't care if 20 people send me the drivers, but I doubt if anyone will!

Thankx in Advance, to anyone that takes the time for me,



Sorry this POST is so long.

Attachment #1, ( file)


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