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The future of PCQandA Pages 1 | 2
Hi all, As you might have noticed, PCQandA has been very quiet recently. When we first launched in October 2002, we had close to 11,000 posts in th
jasonlevineSep-14-23 10:04 PM
by ablib
An Interactive Monitor
In addition to 2 conventional high-horsepower desktops, my little lenovo chromebook is increasingly likeable. My desktops are due for major upgrade/re
randybedoreSep-11-23 11:22 PM
by randybedore
Croping a photo in irfanview
I can't figure it out. I googled it and came up with: go to edit, select size and I went What? that's why I liked Picture It, I'd go to the menu bar a
StevehikerSep-06-23 11:53 PM
by Paul D
windows 10 photo editor
Windows 7 finally died. I liked Microsoft Picture It. it suited my needs. Now I need something for Windows 10. I've seen a couple of lists for photo e
StevehikerAug-23-23 04:22 PM
by therube
Half Dead Desktop
I have an older desktop, high-end custom-built,win 10, all up to date, used infrequently. Today when powered up none of the 3 main peripherals work...
randybedoreAug-01-23 07:45 PM
by nightlyreader
How to Modify Linux windows 10 dual boot
I have a dual boot laptop with Linx Mint and Windows 10. When the computer is turned on, the boot manager presents 4 line items. The first is Linux Mi
aldagoJul-13-23 08:22 PM0
WIN 11 upgrade
I just upgraded my Lenovo PC to win 11 even though it does not pass the CPU test. It took a while but it is running and I am getting used to it. I d
wings515Jul-11-23 11:12 PM
by Ttech
How to buy Windows from MS
I've been on ms website but cannot find where to buy a copy of windows. I'd like, for now, 10 PRO.
randybedoreApr-05-23 12:17 PM
by Ttech
Where's Jason?
Error Message when I attempt to access PCQandA: Your connection isn't private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from
KJTMar-05-23 07:34 PM
by Ttech
My wife's computer is now infected by popups. Some say critical virus alert, others say Mcafee. The last time I dealt with it by reinstalling Windows
daniellFeb-01-23 03:02 PM
by daniell
Vacuuming A Computer
The dust needs to be cleaned out of my computer. Why is vacuuming dangerous if the necessary precautions are taken? I would do it on a rainy day.
daniellJan-02-23 11:17 PM
by lenjack
Avira getting bloated
Have been using Avira for literally decades. Was a very nice lightweight Free AV.... until Norton Lifelock recently purchased it. Now it slows som
ChickenmanDec-03-22 11:24 PM
by Chickenman
Microsoft 365 (WORD in particular)
The new Microsoft 365 Word does not have the "Mailings) tab any longer.I tried customizing ribbon, went to mail tabs, and scolled down to Mailings. I
cryptokidOct-29-22 09:04 PM
by KJT
Windows 10 KB5018482 update
Comments on this update? http://ww r_files2/15673.jpg http://www.pcqanda.c om/dc/user_files2/24 316.jpg http://www.pcqanda.c om/dc/
bobboOct-28-22 03:20 AM
by bobbo
Finding missing documents on my computer
I use a HP laptop computer with Windows 10. Lately, when I author a document and click "SAVE" on it and try later to edit it or just see it, I cannot
cryptokidOct-12-22 02:53 PM
by therube
Got Snookered
After all these years, got taken by a bad website. correlle-outlets etc. I really needed one of their bowls, nobody has them, it looks fine and whatev
Bob GSep-26-22 07:09 PM
by DinLin
New Chromebook 2
Just read Dan K's post from May. My 9 y/o MacAir cpu and memory became overwhelmed with newest OS update. Read a review of Lenovo chromebook and boug
randybedoreSep-25-22 03:51 PM0
replacing 1151 ASUS motherboard for a better 1151 ASUS ...
Just as it says. Want to know if I have to do anything special, Like disable the TPM in the BIOS, anything with the OS. Running Windows 11. Any input
HAWK99GTSep-22-22 05:00 PM0
World Community Grid
It's finally back up and running. I'm crunching tasks right now!
TtechSep-21-22 05:02 PM
by GreenDay
Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard Pages 1 | 2
The "z" key on my keyboard stopped working so I bought a new similar Microsoft keyboard. It's not the same and I really miss my old one. Is there any
bobboSep-05-22 06:21 PM
by Priscilla
windows 10 and no ip adress
I'm currently running Windows 10 home and upon booting my system up I now get no ip address . has been no issue for months until today. The internet t
mhiebertJun-26-22 08:31 PM
by lenjack
photos too large when emailing
W10, all updates. When I take photos, and transfer them to my computer and email them, they come out huge in the email. Way too big--to the extent tha
lenjackJun-16-22 01:14 PM
by Ttech
Proof, that you need backups
Most of us here, know the value of backups, and some of us, do backups regularly. I just proved to myself--as if I didn't already know--how important
lenjackJun-15-22 09:27 PM
by lenjack
connecting a wireless keyboard to a laptop computer
How can I connect a wireless keyboard to a laptop computer? Thank you, cryptokid
cryptokidJun-08-22 01:43 AM
by KJT
Pretty Good Solitaire
OS Windows 11 Pro I'm playing a game called Pretty Good Solitaire. Can any one tell me where the data files are stored? Thank You TV Man 436 163
TV Man 436 163Jun-03-22 07:49 PM
by Long Island Umpire
Connecting a printer to a laptop
I am unable to connect a Canon PIXMA MG5120 printer to HP laptop. The printer is not listed on the icons. I would appreciate any and all help with t
cryptokidMay-29-22 08:52 PM
by cryptokid
Chrome not working
I just did a full backup using the AEOMI app. I had a nasty gram to send to General Mills and the Chrome web page would not open. Using Firefox I tr
wings515May-26-22 10:47 AM
by BeatColor
How do I get rid of this mini window?
W10 home, all updates. For the last days, a mini window is showing up on the taskbar. At extreme lower right is Windows button. To the right of that
lenjackMay-22-22 07:22 PM
by lenjack
Connecting to the internet problem
I just got a new laptop computer with Windows 11 installed. I can not connect to the internet while setting it up. It shows different connections to
cryptokidMay-22-22 07:00 PM
by Ttech
New Chromebook
I have an older Chromebook that could not be updated due to its age. I also have an older Acer Aspire running Win 10. This has become extremely slow.
wings515May-21-22 11:35 AM
by wings515
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