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"File not found" but is open and running.
I have an ancient free version of a program named GeoClock. It has worked just fine in many versions of Windows, This includes my current Win 10 versi
KJTJan-06-22 05:31 PM
by nightlyreader
Windows 11?
On a recent updating for Win 10, I noticed that my laptop is eligible for Win 11. Is there any good reason to go to Win 11? I like Win10 just fine.
allstondaveDec-29-21 12:01 AM
by Ttech
Gigabyte bios flash...Intact or Fast?
I'm ready to update my H370 HD3 mobo th the latest BIOS, but I notice, in Q Flash, there is an option of "Fast" or "Intact". Does this really matter?
lenjackDec-28-21 08:39 AM
by Beauvais
Firefox Webshield
Just got a popup for Firefox Webshield. Is it worth a download? I'm currently using AVG Internet Security which has blocked a number of intrusions
bobboDec-16-21 10:59 PM
by lenjack
Open old password protected files without password
I have several old Word 2007 password protected files for which I've forgotten the password. Any way I can recover the password or any way to open the
aldagoDec-02-21 09:25 PM
by Ttech
W10, 64 bit, all updates. Under Programs, I have 4 distinct Powershells listed. 1) Windows PowerShell 2) Windows PowerShell (x86) 3) Windows Powe
lenjackNov-28-21 01:43 PM
by Ttech
Which GPU?
No gaming. Some video editing. Two 27" 1440 monitors. Looking at Dell pre builts (perhaps) which makes the GPU costs more reasonable. I keep a pc ~6
smile2Nov-24-21 08:18 PM
by Zeke36
Help to enter BIOS on Toshiba Satellite
I have been tearing my hair out trying to enter the bios on this fairly old laptop. I've tried repeatedly pressing the following whilst switching it
PcqandamanNov-23-21 07:27 PM
by Pcqandaman
SPAM removed by moderator.
robinsmithstersNov-23-21 01:33 PM0
I have recently started getting the pop-up. My Avira anti-virus and my Iobit Malware fighter do not catch it. Any idea where it came from and how d
allstondaveNov-22-21 10:11 PM
by Ttech
Command Prompt
OS = Windows 10 Pro I have a problem using the Command Prompt "dskchk" When I type in dskchk C: /f The program will run and then the prompt on
TV Man 436 163Nov-22-21 07:04 PM
by TV Man 436 163
Need a Mobile Phone Number Lookup
SPAM removed by moderator.
Rumi22Nov-22-21 05:59 AM0
ethernet cable disconnect switch Pages 1 | 2
I like to disconnect from the internet when I am working on documents or using a flash drive. I know I can disable/enable the adapter in network setti
jeaNov-20-21 03:08 AM
by jea
Hoping someone can help with this.
I have changed out about 4 new hard drives, and done clean installs with no issues at all.I do now know what i am doing wrong. This is a 2014 HP all
kittenmuellerNov-15-21 05:13 PM
by therube
How to stop EDGE Pages 1 | 2
I have tried changing the Sign-In Auto to OFF and Task Manager Edge Disabled but it opens whenever it pleases. Usually about 5 minutes after boot.
wings515Nov-10-21 01:42 PM
by Ttech
Can't Send Email From App Pages 1 | 2 | 3
Good Morning About a week ago the problem began. I could not use Thunderbird to send or receive mail.After numerous calls to my ISP I learned that
daniellOct-29-21 04:45 PM
by Pcqandaman
Bogged down PC Fixed
I admit to being caught napping. My high-powered custom built Win 10 suddenly bogged down and finally stopped responding. I took it to the builder. No
randybedoreOct-28-21 02:57 AM
by KJT
Computer won't boot with second HDD attached Pages 1 | 2
My Dell XPS 8500 died. Replaced it with refurbished Dell Optiplex 9020. So far, I like it but I am heart broken at the loss of my Software, music and
TootsOct-19-21 06:19 PM
by Toots
Microsoft Edge
Does anyone else here, hate this piece of s**t, as much as I do? If someone likes it, that's fine. It's like trying to throw away a boomerang! I've un
lenjackOct-19-21 04:09 PM
by therube
Drop Down Menues
Recently I have been unable to use any drop down menu from any site. The mouse click activates the menu and then it disappears. I have had this proble
wings515Oct-18-21 09:00 PM
by Paul D
Lost WIN 7 after running virus scan
I blew it!. Got Black screen with all kinds of information. I proceeded to do a re-install and after completing I had forgotten this was a Vista lap
wings515Oct-18-21 05:55 PM
by wings515
My HP laptop did an automatic BIOS update, And now it w...
I get the HP logo screen with the spinning dots, and then nothing. Any ideas on how to recover my laptop? TIA
allstondaveOct-18-21 03:06 PM
by Ttech
HI, Guys
So, here is my issue today. I was given a HP p6 2100 desktop. I upgraded max Ram and decided even though old-2012 it runs so Ill keep it for my offi
kittenmuellerOct-18-21 03:04 PM
by Ttech
Any early adopters of Win 11 out there?
Is anyone using Win 11 and what do you think of it? I just upgraded to a new PC that is capable of meeting all the requirements and my first impressio
GreyFalconSep-26-21 12:00 PM0
Chrome ads
W10, all updates. I get too many ads, the long flat rectangular ones at bottom center of my screen using Chrome, latest version. They are easy enough
lenjackSep-23-21 01:47 AM
by lenjack
Recent Gmail Spam
I've been exclusively using Gmail for as long as I can remember, pretty much from their start. I've always been happy with the pretty thorough job th
dtellierSep-22-21 09:33 PM
by dtellier
Spam removed by moderator
kennethparkerSep-16-21 09:19 PM0
router speed question
I recently replaced a Netgear Nighthawk router with a Linksys velop system with 3 nodes. All installed easily & everything is working, but I'm not ge
John M.Sep-13-21 09:27 PM0
Technical Support
Rank from best to worse in terms of support; Lenovo, Dell, HP
wtmpiSep-10-21 11:10 PM
by Ttech
PS/2 Keyboard
Any disadvantage to using a PS/2 keyboard over a USB one? I just connected my old PS/2, and kind of like starting up with an "any key" press.
lenjackSep-05-21 10:56 PM
by lenjack
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