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President Biden
Shelly would be smiling from ear to ear. I know I am. Jim.
KJTJan-20-21 10:36 PM0
I Am Surviving 2020 So Far - Check-in Thread
Saw a couple folks posted yesterday which confirmed this place is still functioning! With world events unfolding as they are, be great to hear from a
collegeguyJan-02-21 06:50 AM
by Red Squirrel
Merry Christmas To Everyone
Let's hope for a safe and pleasant Christmas season for all and all the best for the New Year. Dave
dtellierDec-26-20 09:06 PM
by Jane
SPAM---KLM Reservations
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jadword503Nov-16-20 01:50 PM0
Joe Biden Elected President
I can't help but think about Shelly, and how I wish he were here to live this moment. http://ww oard.php?az=show_top ic&forum=4&t
ablibNov-10-20 01:09 AM
by Bob G
Wow this board is dead
It been a while since i been here and it's sad to see how dead this forum is. I remember when it would take only few hours for post to go off from 1st
ylen13Nov-03-20 05:36 AM
by nightlyreader
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wyb2020Oct-19-20 05:13 PM0
Looking for a booking/reservation system
This is a bit of a longshot but I thought I'd ask! I'm looking for an online program for booking/reservations where a daily grid or similar is displa
PcqandamanOct-15-20 11:00 AM
by Pcqandaman
Spam, just some annoying spam
Spam removed by moderator.
mandyallerbeJul-08-20 12:05 PM0
To all of our USA members...
Hey, Even though the pandemic issues have rendered gatherings muted, I'd like to extend a sincere hope that all of you are managing to find a way t
dtellierJul-05-20 01:54 AM
by crazyXgerman
Annual PCQandA Fundraiser
Hi all, It's that time of year. Time for the Annual Fundraiser. As you may or may not know, a site such as PCQandA requires a bit of money to run.
jasonlevineApr-17-20 01:43 AM
by jasonlevine
PCQandA Fundraiser incoming
I just realized that we're overdue for a fundraiser. (Between my mother-in-law's health issues over the summer, planning for my son's Bar Mitzvah, and
jasonlevineApr-08-20 04:30 PM
by DaDwarfs
Cleaned out on webcams
Boy...I never, ever, used a webcam. A week ago relatives surprised us with an invitation link needing a webcam, so I used my little macair. boy did th
randybedoreApr-03-20 10:05 PM
by arr2dee2
Where's Jason?
Anyone heard from Jason recently? The reason I'm asking is that it seemingly is way past time for the Annual PCQandA Fundraiser. I don't want to
KJTMar-22-20 03:16 AM
by KJT
Baby "singing" Thinderstruck!! :) com/watch?v=SxWR5VtT MbM :lol: :lol: :lol:
peterbJan-27-20 05:17 PM
by peterb
Thanks for the valuable information. Lucky me I found your site by accident, and I am shocked why this accident did not happen in advance! I bookmarke
nicksonmccleanJan-01-20 05:05 PM
by KJT
Merry Christmas/Happy Holdiays to all.
I was just listening to one of my favourite songs by John Mayall and it made me think of all the people that have come and gone here. I do hope that e
peterbDec-26-19 05:45 AM
by Red Squirrel
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alvabentonJul-29-19 07:44 PM0
Sad News About Shelly
PeterB posted in the thread
jasonlevineJun-24-19 11:42 AM
by jasonlevine
Things are really getting bad now in Venezuela
Things are really getting bad now in Venezuela. Shame. https://s.abcnews. com/images/US/stem-s hooting-11-ht-jc-190 507_hpMain_16x9_608. jpg
therubeMay-20-19 05:41 PM
by therube
Concerning Shelly
I know Shelly hasn't been on PCQandA for awhile. Like a lot of you, I was concerned. I called him up to make sure he was okay. I can't share all of th
jasonlevineMar-02-19 03:02 AM
by peterb
What do you want, for a burger
burgers what do you want, for a burger back in the day - thinking the early 70's my parents were away - they used to be able to do things like
therubeFeb-03-19 11:27 PM
by KJT
Well, it's 2019 now!
To all, Wishing all of you a great year coming up. Dave
dtellierJan-11-19 03:46 AM
by KJT
Heading out of town on the Dec 20th
Hi every one, We are going up to Va. to spend Christmas with youngest son Jared and his family. He recently retired from the USN in May and now will
DaylilydayzedJan-01-19 08:15 PM
by dtellier
Just checking in to say hi!
Just realized it's been like 9 years since I last posted, which was just to check in... time flies. I'm sure some of the old timers remember me
Red SquirrelDec-27-18 11:03 PM
by bobbo
Merry Christmas To All !!!!!!!!!
...and to all, a good night. Dave
dtellierDec-25-18 09:45 PM
by DaDwarfs
Understanding Indoor Humidity
I hope this isn't too far off topic for the Off Topic Lounge.. I think my home is too dry in these winter months. I have two types of humidity gau
VanGuardDec-01-18 08:04 PM
by KJT
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US
Saw the previous post for the Canadian Thanksgiving and thought I would wish everyone in the US a Happy Thanksgiving!
TtechNov-25-18 01:13 PM
by FZbar
Happy Thanksgiving Day To All Canadians
You know who you are. Sorry, but those from the States will need to wait until next month. Dave
dtellierOct-10-18 12:50 AM
by dtellier
Outrageous Ticketmaster prices exposed ews/thenational/tick etmaster-recruits-pr os-for-secret-scalpe r-program-1.4830992 Their P.R. department will be working overtime
peterbSep-22-18 01:46 AM
by peterb
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