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The original home of the forums, PC911 still houses it's great How-To's, Tips & Tweaks, and Reviews. It is also the home of the Team PC911's fight against cancer.

 Jason's Toolbox 

The home of Script Sentry, Cookie Jar, and other programs.

 The Gazette 

Our own Scotterpops runs this site. It's a nice mix of news, reviews, and fixes.

 Dubber's Computer Resources 

Here you're sure to find some great freeware reviewed, as well as tips and links to reference sites.

 The LangaList 

Fred's mailing list currently draws over two million readers per month and is an invaluable guide to all things computer-related. For even more content (and no ads in the mailings), you can subscribe to the LangaList Plus for only $12 a year.

 Scotís Newsletter 

Ex-Winmagger Scot Finnie runs this mailing list devoted to everything from Windows to broadband to do-it-yourself networking.

 Win2K Power Users 

A once a week newsletter by ex-Winmagger Serdar Yegulalp devoted to tips, tricks, and news about Windows 2000 and XP.

 Mike's List 

Mike Elgan's mailing list features an eclectic combination of off-the-beaten path technology stories that you probably won't hear about anywhere else.

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