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page file
W10 pro 32 bit 4G ram, 2.9G cpu, 240 GB ssd. I have forgotten what the recommendation is for the page file with an ssd. Computer use is not intensive,
lenjackJul-06-20 02:07 PM
by lenjack
Help on corrupted disk
I put a CD-R disk in the Compaq Laptop CDROM and it opened and I could access the files. I closed the files and folders I was accessing and when I wen
aldagoJul-04-20 08:34 PM
by aldago
Is Dram necessary for SSD?
Looking to buy SSD to replace HD in old computer. I plan to eventually install it in a new build. Would I be better off buying an SSD with DRAM? Th
daniellJun-26-20 02:23 PM
by daniell
Windows 10 update version 2004
This up;date has been running most of the day. It is currently stalle3d at 85%. Should I let it keep running or try again at a later date? Edit:
bobboJun-25-20 09:43 AM
by Pcqandaman
Crome browser crash
W10 ver 1909. Working flawlessly with Chrome for 3 years. For 2 days now, it has been randomly closing, without warning. All other computer functions
lenjackJun-24-20 08:18 PM
by lenjack
Windows 10 not seeing wifi connection Pages 1 | 2
Jow do I get Windows 10 to see the wifi connection? It's my housemates wifi.
StevehikerJun-17-20 12:43 PM
by Ttech
Outlook Problem
I think my Facebook was hacked. Seems password was changed. I cannot get into my FB account. Asking for reset email does not work. So I wanted to e
allstondaveMay-31-20 10:24 PM
by Ttech
Cell Phone
At age 82 I'm setting up a cell phone for the first time. My question is when entering a local phone # into the cell phone memory: 1-716-xxx-x xxx 7
TV Man 436 163May-25-20 11:05 AM
by TV Man 436 163
E-Mail Hijack
I admit it...I saw this coming, but not so viciously. Yahoo free email client has imposed a fee of $4/month for adblockers. I have a gmail acct. I als
randybedoreMay-22-20 03:30 AM
by Ewen
Tab key question
Something I've wondered about for years. What is the significance of the "forward" and "back" arrows, on the Tab key? I know what the Tab key does in
lenjackMay-21-20 04:09 AM
by Ttech
HELP ME!!!!!!
Ok, I will make this as easy as I can . I am putting a SSD in my friends dell 3567 laptop. My OS for win 10 for new installations is on a micro sd ca
kittenmuellerMay-20-20 01:22 AM
by GreyFalcon
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Fellowhelper111May-09-20 03:32 PM0
Why do two devices connected to the same network have s...
Good day all, I'm using my computer and my galaxy tab connected to the same network through wifi at exactly the same distance from the router throu
MistahManMay-05-20 02:25 AM
by MistahMan
What happened to bing map? I used it all the time, like the simple mapquest , etc, and now when I type it into google I get this complicated microsoft
randybedoreMay-01-20 04:24 AM
by Bob G
Keyboard No Backslash
My desktop is state of the art, but I'm using a old Dell keyboard that I like. Just discovered it has no backslash key. Any tips?
randybedoreApr-28-20 12:57 PM
by randybedore
Some details on a new Business PC (tower) I'm hoping to...
I'm looking to buy an HP 5DU90UT from NewEgg. Price is right and specs are fine. I have not been able to determine if WiFi and Bluetooth are include
JECoynePCQAApr-21-20 11:07 AM
by ChrisP
Monitor self test
My Dell monitor went into self test. I cannot figure out how to get out of it. I am hiding out from the virus. Turning it off doesn't help. Please hel
daniellApr-18-20 02:33 PM
by daniell
Annual PCQandA Fundraiser
Hi all, It's that time of year. Time for the Annual Fundraiser. As you may or may not know, a site such as PCQandA requires a bit of money to run.
jasonlevineApr-17-20 01:43 AM
by jasonlevine
Epson Firmware
I have a Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4740 printer. My question is. Can you remove firmware updates. My problem is since installing the latest update. I
TV Man 436 163Apr-15-20 12:56 PM
by ChrisP
Windows Update Error 0x8024a105: Access Denied
Hi there, Recently I tried to update my PC to Windows 10 everything was fine but suddenly an error occurs Windows update error 0x8024a105 access d
habanaveeApr-14-20 06:36 AM
by jbmcmillan
Looking for a chrome book
Chrome book or inexpensive notebook. Mostly what I want it for is online yoga classes through zoom. I'm currently using my Tab A but it's hard to get
StevehikerApr-11-20 05:36 PM
by Stevehiker
PCQandA Fundraiser incoming
I just realized that we're overdue for a fundraiser. (Between my mother-in-law's health issues over the summer, planning for my son's Bar Mitzvah, and
jasonlevineMar-31-20 03:39 PM0
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maxwillorMar-31-20 12:51 PM0
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lakeviewblindsMar-31-20 12:50 PM0
There's a new version of CCleaner
And it now includes Edge Chromium. However there appear to be a few kinks that need to be worked out - at least there were on my Win10 pro. It d
KJTMar-31-20 12:49 PM
by Ttech
Is this dvd bootable?
So I have a new pc, built by my very accomplished retail builder. I use the win 10 tool to create a bootable dvd, download it, and try to burn the iso
randybedoreMar-29-20 07:54 PM
by Paul D
Upgrade Bluetooth on PC
Hello All, I have realtek 4.0 on my DeskTop computer. I would like to upgrade to 5.0 so I can pair multi speaker off my computer. Can anyon
ZzulranMar-28-20 01:08 PM
by Marsillpost
More sound problems
I've posted this previously. I'm having sound problems again. I've been switching to running as Administrator in order to play Microsoft Solitaire Col
bobboMar-28-20 03:11 AM
by bobbo
Error every time I turn on PC
Each time I turn on or reboot my PC i receive an error message saying there is no email program = but I am using Windows 10 Email. Can anyone help me
LorraineMar-07-20 03:36 PM
by KJT
new mobo choice
I used to run a 2500k i5 cpu overclocked to 3.8GHz on a Gigabyte P67 board, which I damaged by overtorquing a hsf. Been using a substitute pc, but wan
lenjackMar-04-20 03:34 PM
by lenjack
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