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changing dns server
W10, all updates. I've seen a few "tips" on speeding up the internet. Any real benefit to the "changing the dns server" one? I tried a few of the alte
lenjackNov-18-19 10:42 PM
by lenjack
Bitdefneder Free
I posted a message a few days ago regarding problems with Kaspersky Antivirus which I had to uninstall due an update that trashed my computer (Thinkpa
davsanNov-17-19 02:17 PM0
I scewed up
Trying to install the 1TB drive and it went very badly. I had to re-install WIN 10 on my original drive and now there are two files windows.old and w
wings515Nov-16-19 08:00 PM
by lenjack
Altap Salamander 4.0 - Freeware Pages 1 | 2
Altap Salamander 4.0 - Freeware Altap Salamander is a fast and reliable two-panel file manager for Windows. It has an intuitive interface, offers v
therubeNov-16-19 06:55 PM
by therube
Kaspersky Antivirus Problems Pages 1 | 2
I had major problems with the latest version of kaspersky antivirus running windows 7 with all the lastest windows updates. I removed kaspersky and am
davsanNov-15-19 10:50 AM
by davsan
Please Delete
Thanks for the help, but it looks like a no-go. Please delete
VanGuardNov-15-19 01:19 AM0
Win10 Screen Saver Slide Show error
Hi, gang. I haven't been around in a while. I'm glad to see a bunch of familiar posters are still in there kickin'. I use the Win10 screen saver
makaiguyNov-13-19 08:05 PM
by makaiguy
Replacement PC
The ASUS I have is over 7 years old so its time for a replacement. Looking at what is available I have some question and request opinions from this v
wings515Nov-13-19 05:15 PM
by therube
This is on my ASUS Essentio. I purchased a WD Blue 1TB drive with the idea I could clone my 250 GB drive already installed. Using Disk management I
wings515Nov-13-19 03:13 PM
by wings515
Surge Protectors Pages 1 | 2
Years ago Shelly brought to my attention that an ungrounded surge protector did not protect. I guess it is nothing more than a bank of outlets. To pro
daniellNov-12-19 02:25 AM
by KJT
ryzen 3 2200g build
I'm currently building a new system amd ryzen 2200g CORSAIR h60 Asus prime b450m-a 2 Kingston 120 gig ssd 500gig hdd 16 gig ram 26
mhiebertNov-09-19 11:04 PM
by jbmcmillan
Blinking Power LED on Motherboard Pages 1 | 2
Suddenly the computer died. Fans wont go on. Only the power LED on the motherboard blinks. Tested power supply with paper clip. The fan spins. Shorted
daniellNov-09-19 01:44 PM
by KJT
Cant hear applications
So basically if i go to the bottom and hit the sound turn it up it plays the sound but if i go into a game no sound what so ever. Also applies to goog
AvectusOct-25-19 09:48 PM
by KJT
thumbs.db annoyance
Hello, Since Win7, and also Win10, I have had the annoying problem of not being able to delete the thumbs.db file - along with its directory - beca
PriscillaOct-25-19 05:46 PM0
Best Browser
What browser and version # are you using? I used Firefox for many years and then turned to Slimjet. I am sick of Slimjet but not sure I would like F
TootsOct-25-19 03:55 PM
by therube
Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4740
OS=Windows 10 Pro My printer works fine. When I install a USB drive into the USB port on the printer. The printer recognizes the USB drive. I'm
TV Man 436 163Oct-21-19 10:35 PM
by Ttech
Resolve your email issues by roadrunner email problems
Edited by moderator. Spamme rs just don't get it... No spam allowed here. The unresponsive server Unstable internet connection Wrong em
jackjonsOct-14-19 11:54 PM0
adblockers Pages 1 | 2
W10 and Chrome, latest. I'm having a problem loading a few sites, as I get a message that I'm using an ad blocker the site would like me to stop using
lenjackOct-13-19 10:31 AM
by KJT
No spam here
Spam is not welcome in this forum. Edited by moderator.
johnwickOct-01-19 03:49 PM0
How to uninstal eset
I recently downloaded eset to do a one time scan, and now each time I start Win 10, an eset popup shows. I cannot find it in the uninstall listing. Ho
bobboSep-19-19 03:47 PM
by lenjack
like being stuck in neutral
Hello...i'm having a frustrating computer problem...i am using windows 7 professional which worked very well until's the problem..when
caper256Sep-18-19 08:44 PM
by caper256
Mozilla to release a new Firefox version every 4 weeks ... m Starting next year, Mozilla plans to release a new Firefox browser version on a monthly basis, every four weeks, the organi
jujet84Sep-18-19 05:31 PM
by therube
Uninstall Windows 7
I have a dual boot system with Windows 10 and Windows 7. What's the safest way to uninstall windows 7 and end the dual boot?
aldagoSep-18-19 05:31 PM
by aldago
Ransomware popup
Earlier today, I had a ransomware popup appear during a Firefox session. My usual procedure is to open Task Manager and quit the browser, and then run
bobboAug-30-19 03:18 AM
by bobbo
Thank you
Thank you to all who have contributed your knowledge over the years. You have been my greatest teachers. Updated from 7 to 10 and my HP combo unit
randybedoreAug-26-19 05:57 AM
by uffbros
Losing sound
I keep losing sound on my desktop computer. Restarting restores the sound, only to have it quit after a while. I thought that it might be the result o
bobboAug-15-19 05:45 PM
by therube
External USB Drive Now Says 'Not Initialized'
I've been playing around with a sick desktop Win 7 computer. While fiddling with it, one of the external drives slipped and fell about a foot or so o
Lance of SDAug-14-19 11:40 AM
by GreyFalcon
Video Format Converter
I'm trying to help out a local Historical Society. They have an mp4 video of a reconstructed model of the Gravity Railroad. They would like to be abl
wings515Aug-09-19 07:15 PM
by GreyFalcon
Logitech MX Master 2S mouse problem??
I recently replaced an old Logi mouse with this one. I am using built in Bluetooth from my Surface Pro 6 (Windows 10). I have the Logitech softwar
John M.Aug-09-19 06:12 PM0
Win 7 Keeps on Shutting Down & Rebooting
My Win 7 Professional desktop keeps on shutting down. I thought it was heat-related so I cracked open the case. There's no heat. I blew it out with
Lance of SDAug-08-19 10:16 PM
by lenjack
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