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Lined breaks
I am using OS Microsoft and Windows 10 and am trying to copy a document which has a line break every few words, but not necessarily at end of sentence
aptfourdJan-17-19 06:48 PM
by therube
Cortana is PITA!! I have configured my mouse controls to open Start menu by clicking on control #4. Lately when I click for the start menu, cortana p
bobboJan-17-19 04:29 AM
by bobbo
Good News From Verizon Pages 1 | 2
I got an Email from Verizon the other day saying my free speed update was complete so I decided to put it to the test. When I first came down here I g
GreyFalconJan-14-19 01:54 PM
by GreyFalcon
OS = Windows 10 Pro Over the years I have marked my email as spam as needed. How to I find on my computer where the emails I marked as spam is l
TV Man 436 163Jan-13-19 06:02 PM
by jbmcmillan
Laptop screen won't turn off when usb mouse plugged in
My laptop is a Toshiba S75Dt-A7330. When any USB mouse is plugged in the screen won't turn off after the requested time. When the mouse is unplugged t
aldagoJan-11-19 02:16 AM
by GreyFalcon
More CCleaner woes
I have been using SIW for years and frequently refer to it's password listing. I just tried it and found that the list is almost completely depleted,
bobboJan-07-19 08:58 PM
by bobbo
Networking & Sharing - how to do it? Pages 1 | 2
Networking & Sharing. Windows Networking & Sharing. (I've always hated, never understood, Windows networking, but I've always worked my way through
therubeJan-03-19 11:46 PM
by khouji123
Unwanted space
This pertains to my wife's computer. Since I am not familiar with Windows 10, I don't know how to remedy the problem. I attached an image that may cla
daniellDec-27-18 09:07 PM
by daniell
Transfer of files
All of my files are on my laptop, which has windows 7. I am contemplating purchasing a new laptop. All of the files are backed up but I am wondering h
wtmpiDec-17-18 07:39 PM
by therube
Win Update Broke my PC
The worst part is that I have my Win 7 set to only notify me of available updates, not to download them, nor to install them. Yesterday 12/11 I was gr
randybedoreDec-14-18 07:38 PM
by therube
Dead Dell Laptop
Hello and Happy Holidays, I "obtained" this Dell laptop. It is quite old having XP as the OS. The model number has worn off so I only have the Serv
wings515Dec-13-18 08:43 PM
by jbmcmillan
CCleaner too vigorous
I recently upgraded to CCleaner Pro and find that it is deleting the passwords that are usually in place. I'd like to keep them. When I close a browse
bobboDec-13-18 05:49 AM
by bobbo
2 versions Firefox how to remove 1
Hello, I have firefox 53, and kept it because I liked my addons. Yesterday I downloaded Firefox quantum esr 60.3. In the add and remove programs it sh
caliphsDec-09-18 10:21 PM
by caliphs
HP Support shout out.
We bought my step daughter a HP laptop nearly 2 years ago just a low end web browsing email Facebook machine. So after 10 months the hard drive failed
jbmcmillanDec-04-18 08:33 PM
by therube
Is it worth it at all??
I have a Dell 5567 win 10, 1 yr old. I upgraded to 12 g Ram when I got it. It takes up to 16g. It came with 248 SSD and I upgraded to 500 SSD. it r
kittenmuellerDec-04-18 04:30 PM
by therube
ok, Ill try to explain this.... Lcd screen issue
I am trying to replace LED screen on an Acer one 14" for a friend. I have replaced several in the last month for people with any issue at all. So i
kittenmuellerNov-30-18 09:52 PM
by kittenmueller
Spam title removed.
Spam isn't allowed here. - Jason Levine
medypharma7888Nov-27-18 04:19 PM0
Optiplex 7010 and Xeon E3-1240?
Will the Sandy Bridge Xeon E3-1240 work in a Optiplex 7010 SFF? I have an Ivy Bridge i5-3470 in it now. The CPU support list shows both Sandy Bridge
VanGuardNov-27-18 10:22 AM
by medypharma7888
Chrome Not Loading Completely
I recently started using Chrome. Some pages don't load completely, e.g. rottontomatoes does not show film icons when "new relearses" etc., are selecte
jeff_connorsNov-26-18 05:24 AM
by medypharma214
Spam post deleted
Spam is not welcome here
blockchainhelpNov-18-18 12:00 AM
by jasonlevine
New pop up re activation
I just noted that there is a new popup on my Windows 10 Pro stating "Activate Windows". As far as I know, my Windows has always been activated. Called
bobboNov-09-18 05:50 PM
by bobbo
My Surface Pro is shutting down too fast
I have the power setting set to turn off the screen in 20 minutes, but it is shutting it off every time I walk away for even five minutes. Does any
John M.Oct-24-18 11:52 PM
by John M.
Winamp is back 5.8 beta version
https://www.winamp.c om/
jujet84Oct-23-18 02:03 PM
by jbmcmillan
Microsoft pulls October 2018 (1809) update
https://www.windowsc -has-pulled-windows- 10-october-2018-upda te-users-files-go-mi ssing
TtechOct-10-18 01:20 AM
by KJT
yahoo mail
I have a desktop computer using Windows 10 and also an ipad, but the yahoo mail on the desktop does not display all the yahoo mail showing on the ipad
aptfourdOct-05-18 02:58 PM
by aptfourd
How to get into safe mode?
I have a dual boot of Windows 7 and 8. I'm trying to get into safe mode to see if I can uninstall Avast. Apparently, I didn't uncheck a box; I'm think
StevehikerSep-20-18 02:31 AM
by Stevehiker
My OS is Windows 10 on my desktop and I would like to know if there is any way I can create a macro of my email address so that I don't have to keep t
aptfourdSep-15-18 05:18 PM
by aptfourd
Epson WF-4740 Pro
OS = Windows 10 Pro Everthing seems to work on my Epson printer. My problem is my printer reconizes the USB drive inserted into the USB port on the
TV Man 436 163Sep-14-18 02:58 PM0
Computer Temporarily Freezes Every Minute
Every minute or so, my computer freezes for 15 to 20 seconds, after which I can use the computer for another minute until it freezes again; this proce
spencercatSep-13-18 09:42 PM
by GreyFalcon
Chrome OS install
I'm thinking of installing chrome os on an old windows laptop.... it is a dell inspiron 1525 special edition with vista home installed. I haven't used
oxygenmakerSep-13-18 12:46 PM
by jbmcmillan
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