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Selecting A New Monitor
This morning my monitor died. I cannot complain since it was more than ten years old. I want to go from 22 to 27 inches. I noticed monitors with curve
daniellFeb-18-20 10:46 AM0
Coincidences do occur.
Back in October last year, following a Windows update, several strange anomalies developed with my Win 10 Pro. Web pages would not scroll nor be
KJTFeb-17-20 01:09 PM0
Windows Update Error 0x8024a105: Access Denied
Hi there, Recently I tried to update my PC to Windows 10 everything was fine but suddenly an error occurs Windows update error 0x8024a105 access d
habanaveeFeb-13-20 09:34 PM
by habanavee
I get this pop up, when I boot up every morning: There is no email associated to perform the the requested action.Please install an email program or,
jkitcFeb-08-20 12:10 AM
by KJT
Ethernet Jacks
I have an ethernet cable which is quite a distance from the router. Is there any way that I can use two computers off of that line? It would be quite
daniellFeb-07-20 07:21 PM
by daniell
Windows updates
There were a couple of optional Windows updates, i.e. KB543295 and KB5434132. After installing, my internet connection was extremely slow to respond.
bobboFeb-01-20 01:29 PM
by GreyFalcon
VGA to HDMI possible?
I have an old computer running W10 (with all current updates) that only has VGA output. I want to hook it up my TV via HDMI. Is there an adapter to
mowerman90Jan-24-20 08:18 PM
by KJT
How To Recover The Default Windows Explorer In Win 10
I Was reclaiming space on my Win 10 system which do from time to time and never do i have any problems. On this occasion, however, I discovered that m
EwenJan-19-20 04:22 AM
by Ewen
New Browser in Town
Well, kinda new. Apparently Microsoft has decided that if you can't beat 'em, become them. MS's Edge browser has now been "Chromed" - at least
KJTJan-17-20 11:51 PM
by jbmcmillan
Want to replace damaged motherboard
I damaged a motherboard by overzealously fastening an aftermarket fan/heatsink in place. I got carried away and tightened too much. I'd like to rep
lenjackJan-13-20 04:07 PM
by lenjack
Lost Password of some kind
Happy New Year, It's been a while since I had a question for this educated group but here goes. A friend had TeamViewer 9 installed and wanted to up
wings515Jan-12-20 09:53 PM
by wings515
New version of W10?
Windows Update says there is an optional version 1909 update. What is it?
lenjackJan-10-20 01:56 AM
by KJT
ashampoo and windows 10
I upgraded to windows 10 HE. edit NOT audacity, ashampoo. Used windows media player.
jeaJan-08-20 03:57 PM
by jea
I'd like my Google calendar to open full screen when I boot Windows 10. How to do this??
aldagoJan-06-20 07:46 AM
by jbmcmillan
Selecting a Power Supply
How important is efficiency? Can I go below bronze? Besides saving electricity, will a more efficient power supply give better performance? Will it l
daniellJan-01-20 05:04 PM
by Ttech
Help Me Setup This Case Pages 1 | 2
I have decided for nostalgia to use this old Lian Li case for my next build. This case is unique. The object in the photo is a CPU duct. It blows air
daniellDec-29-19 07:05 PM
by jbmcmillan
Kaspersky Antivirus Problems Pages 1 | 2
I had major problems with the latest version of kaspersky antivirus running windows 7 with all the lastest windows updates. I removed kaspersky and am
davsanDec-18-19 03:08 AM
by collegeguy
Log on
OS = Windows 10 Pro When my computer first stars up I get a screen that I need to hit the space bar. After hitting the space bar. I get my pict
TV Man 436 163Dec-16-19 08:12 PM
by TV Man 436 163
Chrome browser question.
Is there a tweak or extension or tool that will enable site links displayed in the bookmarks bar to be opened in a new tab or a new window with a sin
KJTDec-12-19 03:32 PM
by KJT
Help Identify Part
This part came with my 10 year old Lian Li case. I could never figure out what it was for. It installs in the back of the case. One of the connectors
daniellDec-09-19 09:13 AM
by daniell
Xone Phone Review: Best 4G LTE Dual-Sim Android Smartph...
Xone Phone uses the latest technology making it an immersive Android phone. PCQ&A uses old-school technology to deal with spammers. Read the Acce
johndaniel123Dec-06-19 01:41 PM0
Uninstalling Apache + PHP + Perl Pages 1 | 2
Somehow my wife accidentally installed the above program. I am having some difficulty uninstalling it. I am not really too familiar with Windows 10 si
daniellDec-03-19 01:44 AM
by randybedore
Computer Opinions
Does anyone have an opinion on the Google Chrome Book? I am pretty sure they do not have a DVD Burner but what else is missing compared to an Deskt
wings515Dec-03-19 01:39 AM
by randybedore
How to repair a CD/DVD drive that won't eject the discs com/watch?v=9lCVxCOu Lr0 My DVD drive door would not open. This video really helped me. I just took it apart and used a smaller
daniellDec-01-19 01:25 PM0
Hot Spot setup
This may be way off topic but I am looking into an alternative to my 3Mb DSL. A new neighbour said he configured his ipad to be a hot spot. I have a
wings515Nov-26-19 09:55 PM
by arr2dee2
Bitdefneder Free
I posted a message a few days ago regarding problems with Kaspersky Antivirus which I had to uninstall due an update that trashed my computer (Thinkpa
davsanNov-26-19 09:35 PM
by arr2dee2
I scewed up
Trying to install the 1TB drive and it went very badly. I had to re-install WIN 10 on my original drive and now there are two files windows.old and w
wings515Nov-22-19 06:05 PM
by wings515
changing dns server
W10, all updates. I've seen a few "tips" on speeding up the internet. Any real benefit to the "changing the dns server" one? I tried a few of the alte
lenjackNov-18-19 10:42 PM
by lenjack
Altap Salamander 4.0 - Freeware Pages 1 | 2
Altap Salamander 4.0 - Freeware Altap Salamander is a fast and reliable two-panel file manager for Windows. It has an intuitive interface, offers v
therubeNov-16-19 06:55 PM
by therube
Please Delete
Thanks for the help, but it looks like a no-go. Please delete
VanGuardNov-15-19 01:19 AM0
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