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checkdisk issue
W10 Pro, all updates. Just tried backing up with Macrium Reflect free. It would not run and gave error message, asking to run chkdsk r. Did so, but up
lenjackSep-20-20 09:02 PM0
This relates to my rebuild of my p67 mobo desktop, which was successful, with my ancient i5-2500k, oc'd to 4.0G, easily. I ran SSD Benchmark just to g
lenjackSep-16-20 11:30 PM
by jbmcmillan
Resurrecting recent computer problem
I am placing an updated atx Gigabyte mobo in an atx case, and am having one hell of a time, fitting the io shield. I just cannot get the 4th corner. Y
lenjackSep-14-20 09:45 PM
by lenjack
Google Chrome - Managed by your organisation Pages 1 | 2
Has anyone managed to remove this message that appears in Chrome and Chromium based browsers? I have tried many of the suggested ones found by googli
PcqandamanSep-09-20 04:20 PM
by therube
Spam removed
Spam removed. This is not an advertising website.
calltutorsSep-09-20 04:09 PM0
HP Pavilion running bad
Have not been here in a long time. Hope the smart people are still here. Got an HP pavilion PC from a friend last fall. Has been working gre
allstondaveSep-09-20 12:07 PM
by AndreaParker
new computer problem
Dell xps 8930. I've been through the bios and the boot menu, and maybe I'm missing something, but there appears to be no option for booting from cd or
lenjackSep-07-20 04:30 PM
by therube
After 20 yrs here I think I finally killed one,lol
I have an old dell ins 15 3500 series. Was running fine. I gave it to my friend who promptly lops passwords etc and somehow it is not what I set it u
kittenmuellerSep-01-20 11:54 PM
by kittenmueller
Edge Extensions Disabled
I just noticed that all my Win10 non-Microsoft Store extensions (i.e., Chrome Web store extensions) have been disabled - at least they weren't surrept
KJTAug-30-20 02:56 PM0
laptop question
I need to find a new LT for my wife. It needs to have a 15" screen & an I5 processor. The hard part is, it can't have any metal on either the KB or
John M.Aug-27-20 10:51 PM
by Ttech
Windows 10 apps
I need some help with adding apps in my Windows 10. When I attempt to add an app it will not get to the point where I can install it. It just keeps
cryptokidAug-27-20 06:51 PM
by cryptokid
Hey ther, Anybody know what the current method of disabling MS Edge browser from Win 10? Tried renaming folder to no avail. Thanks. Tom
Long Island UmpireAug-25-20 01:32 AM
by Long Island Umpire
Boot problem
This screen is up on my pc and Iím unable to boot.
florajoAug-21-20 09:58 PM
by florajo
Downloads Speed
I am paying Spectrum for 200 mbps download. So I am told. For the last month of checking my speed I have not been above 25mps. I see advertised the de
wtmpiAug-19-20 01:44 AM
by jbmcmillan
Windows 10 update version 2004
This up;date has been running most of the day. It is currently stalle3d at 85%. Should I let it keep running or try again at a later date? Edit:
bobboAug-17-20 11:15 PM
by KJT
Windows 10 2004 - PUA:Win32/Presenoker and PUA:Win32/Ca...
I've had this Windows 10 PC since January and regularly run malware checks and no threats ever found. Yesterday I updated it to version 2004 and now
PcqandamanAug-17-20 11:05 PM
by KJT
Weird Icon on desktop Pages 1 | 2
Does anyone know what this is? If I click on it in becomes a duplicate recycle bin. I am using Win 10 1909
Digiti 123Aug-06-20 11:51 AM
by KJT
Post image as to
W10. I frequently find astronomy photos that I would like to use as my desktop background. I use Chrome exclusively, and cannot find this option. It w
lenjackAug-02-20 06:08 PM
by KJT
Motherboard Drivers
I just resurrected an old computer with a new power supply and an SSD. Asus P5Q pro. Presently I am running it on Ubuntu 20.04. Because of lack of kno
daniellJul-31-20 11:16 AM
by daniell
Switching between Networks
My neighbor is a school teacher and during this COVID time has been working at home. I just installed a Moxee hot spot modem so he could upload and d
wings515Jul-28-20 10:09 PM
by wings515
update Firefox 79
https://www.mozilla. org/en-US/firefox/79 .0/releasenotes/?utm _source=firefox-brow ser&utm_medium=firef ox-browser&utm_campa ign=whatsnew
jujet84Jul-28-20 03:27 PM
by therube
Dell ins.15 7548 SLOWER then slow
I was given this as it runs so slow and I love to diagnose and fix. Well this thing Passes every test I can do, tweaked , cleaned, no malware,
kittenmuellerJul-24-20 12:50 PM
by Ttech
Wireless not connected
This morning I turned on my WIN10 PC to see there was no wireless connection. My WIN 7 PC had no problems connecting. The Verizon modem shows inter
wings515Jul-23-20 01:10 PM
by wings515
Crome browser crash
W10 ver 1909. Working flawlessly with Chrome for 3 years. For 2 days now, it has been randomly closing, without warning. All other computer functions
lenjackJul-19-20 06:29 PM
by lenjack
page file
W10 pro 32 bit 4G ram, 2.9G cpu, 240 GB ssd. I have forgotten what the recommendation is for the page file with an ssd. Computer use is not intensive,
lenjackJul-06-20 02:07 PM
by lenjack
Help on corrupted disk
I put a CD-R disk in the Compaq Laptop CDROM and it opened and I could access the files. I closed the files and folders I was accessing and when I wen
aldagoJul-04-20 08:34 PM
by aldago
Is Dram necessary for SSD?
Looking to buy SSD to replace HD in old computer. I plan to eventually install it in a new build. Would I be better off buying an SSD with DRAM? Th
daniellJun-26-20 02:23 PM
by daniell
Windows 10 not seeing wifi connection Pages 1 | 2
Jow do I get Windows 10 to see the wifi connection? It's my housemates wifi.
StevehikerJun-17-20 12:43 PM
by Ttech
Outlook Problem
I think my Facebook was hacked. Seems password was changed. I cannot get into my FB account. Asking for reset email does not work. So I wanted to e
allstondaveMay-31-20 10:24 PM
by Ttech
Cell Phone
At age 82 I'm setting up a cell phone for the first time. My question is when entering a local phone # into the cell phone memory: 1-716-xxx-x xxx 7
TV Man 436 163May-25-20 11:05 AM
by TV Man 436 163
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