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Batch file to copy and rename files
I regularly need to copy and rename files whose filenames have various lengths but always end in the same three characters, which I need to change to
harryFeb-25-21 06:25 PM
by Pcqandaman
Howw to remove log in name
Hello all, I worked on a Dell laptop a while back upgrading from WIN 8 to WIN 10. During my time with this PC I logged into my Chewy account on this
wings515Feb-23-21 01:15 PM
by Ttech
Hourglass is back
For the longest time, when Windows was working, I would see an hourglass at my cursor. Then it became a spinning circle. Now it seems the hourglass
allstondaveFeb-22-21 11:55 AM
by KJT
Why so many Edge listings
I was looking at the task manager as my Lenovo WIN10 machine was booting I noticed something that has been bothering me for a long time. Looking at a
wings515Feb-16-21 12:53 PM
by wings515
Cumulative update preview 2021-01
I made the mistake of installing the subject update. Didn't like it at all, and restored a previous version, but in Windows update, it is showing 20%
bobboFeb-14-21 04:03 PM
by wings515
When is it a good time to upgrade to a new router?
Good day all, Recently I've noticed that my TP link Arcer 1750 router hasn't gotten a software update since 2018. I've had it for almost fives year
MistahManFeb-01-21 01:24 AM
by MistahMan
World Community Grid
Just curious, who besides me is actively crunching for team PCQandA on WCG? Also, if you used to do it and quit, can you tell me why?
TtechJan-30-21 01:51 AM
by Zeke36
tracking processes accessing the camera and microphone
Can someone explain me how to track all the sessions (using sysmon) step by step? I didn't quite get what I should be doing from the link. https://
sh.kJan-28-21 06:45 PM0
Need help repartitoning laptop
I have an HP Pavilion with a 298GB Hard Disk partitioned in the following order: Partition 1 is about 119GB with Windows 7 on it Partition 2 is D:
aldagoJan-27-21 08:04 PM
by aldago
Win 10 updates keep failing since the .net 3.5 update i...
Hello, I've been a member since the WinMag days and I learned so much over the years that I rarely visit with problems. Ever since the .net 3.5/ 4.
PriscillaJan-20-21 12:30 AM
by Priscilla
Alternative to Sandboxie
https://www.sandboxi I currently use the above for testing and it has now moved to open source. I have nothing against open source but I have
PcqandamanJan-19-21 11:51 AM0
Last ditch effort to fix this pc Pages 1 | 2
I have an older dell laptop that worked fine, albeit slow. I was going to factory reset it. I have a USB of win 10 that works perfectly. I deleted the
kittenmuellerJan-12-21 05:46 AM
by jackiebond
Hi, all...been on the hunt for this for a couple days, no luck yet. I want not only to open an heif picture but convert it to jpeg. Running Win 10 Pro
randybedoreJan-12-21 05:46 AM
by jackiebond
Spam removed
Spam is not allowed here. Don't come back.
marcusharris03Jan-11-21 05:25 PM0
Windows 10 update 2004
Windows 10 v2004 has now tried to install 3 times and failed, giving precious little indication as to why. I am stuck at
Paul DDec-31-20 09:27 PM
by Long Island Umpire
Have not been here in a long time.
In Win10, I used to have Bing Desktop and 8-Gadget pack open on my desktop when I started Windows. Now, for some reason, they do not start. Maybe Adva
allstondaveDec-31-20 09:17 PM
by Long Island Umpire
No startup Apps?
W10, all updates. I'm using a Logitech trackball, and when I set the speed and motion just as I like it, it won't stay that way at the next startup. T
lenjackDec-26-20 09:10 PM0
I know alot of you do not like, use Pc pitstop but I actually have used it as long as can remember. I Get totally consistent results and have learn
kittenmuellerDec-26-20 05:49 PM
by kittenmueller
Core Temp
Just installed Core Temp. I've used it before, and I like it. I need help with one of it's options. I've got it opening with W10, and displaying the h
lenjackDec-24-20 08:38 PM
by lenjack
Taskbar icons disappeared
New W10 build, all updates. Suddenly noticed taskbar icons in notification area are gone. I know how to selectively place them, so I went into setting
lenjackDec-17-20 02:22 AM
by lenjack
Need help with DISM
I'm trying to restore Windows 10 Home Image. I run DISM... CheckHealth and ScanHealth and both run and say "The component store is repairable. The
aldagoDec-14-20 05:56 PM
by therube
System Partitions
Something I've been wondering about for some time. Just set up a new W10 build, on a freshly formatted drive. Why does Windows set up a 100 MB partiti
lenjackDec-14-20 02:33 PM
by lenjack
What Does This Modem/Router Message Mean?
Comcast says my Motorola MG7315 Cable modem and WIFI router is "incompatible based on filters". What does that mean? Can I make the device compatible
aldagoDec-11-20 10:53 PM
by aldago
Here is a new one for me.
I have been given a desktop that I was told does not boot. As I no longer have a monitor hanging around I could not see if it boots. Lights come on,
kittenmuellerDec-10-20 08:08 PM
by Long Island Umpire
Java Script on Edge
Lately I have had pages on Edge presented as Java Script. I have to reload to page to get it to present in the proper format. Has anyone else seen th
wings515Dec-10-20 12:55 AM
by Ttech
Another phishing email
Just received today which included the following message and looked very official, and for the record, I do not have, nor have ordered Norton: " De
bobboDec-07-20 08:16 PM0
Win 10 optional update
Is this optional update worth installing? My current version is working well. 2020-11 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for x6
bobboDec-07-20 01:49 AM
by KJT
Hardware monitor
I recently had my computer overhauled and there were some changes, in particular the Hardware Monitor app. I have it but there is much less informatio
bobboDec-05-20 06:20 AM
by bobbo
Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection
Just got an email regarding Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, with a charge of $299.99. I didn't order this and believe it to be a scam. C
bobboDec-04-20 12:38 AM
by bobbo
New windows udate Pages 1 | 2
Just installed update: "Feature update to Windows 10, version 20H2" and it changed my desktop icon colors. How do I restore the original setting? Not
bobboDec-02-20 01:04 PM
by Ttech
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