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Sad News About Shelly
Please see this important post in the OT Forum regarding Shelly: http://ww oard.php?az=show_top ic&forum=4&topic_id= 218328&mesg_i
jasonlevineMar-03-19 03:32 AM0
3rd party ink suppliers
I haven't bought from them for sometime, but tried to get to both of abacus's website and and neither could be reached. I'm thinking that the printer
StevehikerMay-18-19 09:48 PM
by Stevehiker
Microsofe Solitaire Collection problem
I have fairly unique problem that has caused considerable complications. I had been playing the Microsoft Solitaire Collection for quite a long time,
bobboMay-18-19 02:37 PM
by Ttech
EDIT Pad Pro V-7
Can anyone tell me how to change the background color in Edit Pad Pro V-7
TV Man 436 163May-14-19 09:34 PM
by Pcqandaman
My new laptop taking a long time to go online
When I first got this laptop, HP, Win 10, 4cores, It was so fast. Now it takes 5 minutes to get hooked up on line. Any ideas about what has caused
allstondaveMay-13-19 05:13 PM
by lenjack
Phony popup?
I've been getting popups from wishhub online indicating that I'm to receive a deposit into my PayPal account. I have visited their website, and it loo
bobboMay-11-19 12:14 AM
by Ttech
internet speed
My usual speed is about 40 mbps download, but recently it slowed to about 10 - 12 mbps. Resetting the Arris modem with built in router helped. After r
bobboMay-07-19 03:10 AM
by bobbo
Are there other free content filters similar to K9?
I have used K9 Web Protection on the computers in our classroom but when I tried to install it on a separate laptop I see that K9 has been purchased b
RelztrahApr-24-19 07:40 PM
by therube
Is iPhone help available here?
Not sure if thereís help here for iPhone question, but would like to know if itís possible to recover deleted text messages from my iPhone. I donít us
florajoApr-24-19 06:01 PM
by Kennethem
Is MSGTAG kaput?
I just wondered if anyone can shed any light on MSGTAG. I have been using MSGTAG since 2005 and for 3 days now all emails sent have produced a MSGTAG
PcqandamanApr-20-19 08:01 AM
by Pcqandaman
Big Win 10 update
Latest update took about 1 hour, but all running smoothly. Had to reinstall the old Win 7 games, but all are working OK. http://www.pcqan
bobboApr-15-19 06:56 PM
by jbmcmillan
Macrium Suddenly Stopped Working Correctly
The following is pretty complicated, but Iím hoping that somebody here will have a solution; otherwise, I will have to look for another backup solutio
spencercatApr-06-19 11:48 PM
by spencercat
Someone recommended Chromebook for purchase. I don't game but use the web for email, banking, Netflix, etc. Are Chromebooks up for the task? I re
jeff_connorsApr-02-19 08:37 AM
by Pcqandaman
network problem
I just purchased a new Surface Pro 6 to replace the original Surface Pro I bought years ago. My new one is showing all the other machines on my hom
John M.Mar-31-19 02:20 PM
by John M.
Robo call caution
Just received a call stating that it was on a recorded line; the caller asked "Can you hear me OK?" If you answer "yes" the caller can use that "yes"
bobboMar-30-19 11:34 PM
by lenjack
Cloning Folder and File Discrepancies
A few days ago, I posted regarding installing a new SSD drive in my desktop, cloning my C: drive to the SSD, and then using the SSD as my C: drive.
spencercatMar-26-19 11:05 PM
by spencercat
Need Help Deciding on Whether to Use an SSD Drive Pages 1 | 2
First, I'm so sorry to hear about Shelly. Over the years, he was a big help to me. Iím thinking about replacing the hard drive in my slow-booting D
spencercatMar-24-19 02:54 PM
by lenjack
The Benefits Of Website Templates
Spam removed by moderator.
yasirsaif172Mar-19-19 12:23 PM0
Strange downloads of jpgs from Reddit using Firefox
Website: https://www.reddit.c om/r/VintageRacing/c omments/9vouo2/drift ing_round_the_corner / I download this picture from Reddit and it has .jpg extens
LogeMar-18-19 03:52 PM
by therube
Wireless Client Bridge
Another "customer" asked me to find a solution to his lack of internet service at his home. He says he uses 'hot spot' to get service. Looking into
wings515Mar-12-19 12:41 PM0
MS 1809 Update
On Friday I checked for an update on Win 10 and 1809 was pending. After a very long download and multiple restarts it finally finished. Since the in
wings515Mar-12-19 12:33 PM
by wings515
Administrator password
Where do I find my administrator password for my Windows 10 pro? I can log in as administrator, but it advises that my password has expired. http:
bobboMar-11-19 11:29 PM
by bobbo
Windows 10 Pro
I going to do a clean install using a new Windows 10 Pro full USB drive. When I do the install I don't want any Cloud Drives on my C Drive. Is thi
TV Man 436 163Mar-10-19 01:41 PM
by TV Man 436 163
Cradlepoint Router
Hi, I have moved to a rural area and setup a camera system in our barn. I need access to the cameras remotely and satellite isn't an option for port
KaosMar-03-19 03:56 AM
by arr2dee2
Android Phone With Blank Screen
Hey all, On Monday, I went to the doctor's office for an eye exam. While there, I decided to text my wife. Unfortunately, the screen of my trusty M
jasonlevineMar-01-19 09:36 PM
by GreyFalcon
IDE Disc Drive
Again from the same owner. This is a Seagate 250GB IDE HDD. I have an interface that connects to the multi pin HDD connector on the drive as wel
wings515Mar-01-19 05:21 PM
by wings515
Norton Securities
OS = Windows 10 Pro I have Norton Securities installed. With the control panel I uninstalled the program. The Norton Utilities icon on the deskto
TV Man 436 163Feb-26-19 02:57 PM
by lenjack
HP Stream Password Pages 1 | 2
Hello and Happy New Year, It's been a while since I posted a question so here goes. This is an HP Stream tablet. So unlike HP it has no part nu
wings515Feb-19-19 03:11 PM
by wings515
Another PC from the same owner
This is a Dell N7110 running Win 10. The owner must figure he knows computers but really makes my tasks harder. After finally getting the PC to boot
wings515Feb-17-19 04:23 PM
by wings515
OS = Windows 10 Pro Acronis True Image is installed. When using a program called regedit. I wish to delete a line in my registry. The regedit pr
TV Man 436 163Feb-17-19 04:04 PM
by TV Man 436 163
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