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Muslim Ban Pages 1 | 2 | 3
Good News---https://www.t 7/01/breaking-federa l-judge-blocks-donal d-trumps-immigration -ban-executive-order -halted/ Edit: And fro
StevehikerFeb-15-17 01:43 AM
by Stevehiker
About this court fiasco with the executive order and th... Pages 1 | 2
First of all, as I understand it, the constitution only lends due process rights to immigrants or refugees already living here in our country, not imm
HoosierPapaFeb-14-17 04:07 PM
by jazz4free
Who is running the show?
I have a distinct and uneasy feeling it's Steve Bannon. http://ww au/world/there-is-a- major-war-brewi
Paul DFeb-07-17 07:02 PM
by Paul D
With friends like Trump...
With friends like Trump who needs enemies? http://m 6/victoria-cross-her o-johnson-beharry-hu miliate
Paul DFeb-07-17 12:06 PM0
Annual PCQandA Fundraiser Pages 1 | 2
Hi all, It's that time of year. Time for the Annual Fundraiser. As you may or may not know, a site such as PCQandA requires a bit of money to run.
jasonlevineFeb-05-17 05:20 AM
by jasonlevine
Apologies to Australia from the sane people of the US
Trump just keeps at it: http://occupyde 02/trump-just-disres pected-insulted-one- closest-allies/
StevehikerFeb-03-17 06:34 PM
by jazz4free
Dove's alternative facts. These are funny.
Dove in UK shated their new ad campaign. http://oc 17/02/01/dove-just-h ilariously-trolled-t rumps-alternative-fa cts-new-ad-campaign
StevehikerFeb-02-17 02:36 AM0
No mention of Jews in White House's Holocaust Remembran...
https://www.theg 2017/jan/27/white-ho use-holocaust-rememb rance-day-no-jews?ut m_source=esp&utm_med ium=Ema
Paul DFeb-01-17 08:34 PM
by therube
Trump fires Sally Yates for "Betrayal"
Trump fired Sally Yates after the refused to enforce the Muslim Ban - instead giving the opinion that this wasn't legal. https://ww w.washingtonpost
jasonlevineJan-31-17 11:16 PM
by KJT
Do you Really Own What you Buy? 017/01/do-you-really -own-what-you-buy/
daniellJan-29-17 07:25 PM0
Political stuff? Pages 1 | 2
Is posting political stuff off limits now? I haven't seen anything posted in the off topics section for quite awhile.I just watched a really funny vid
StevehikerJan-28-17 06:13 PM
by jazz4free
Gene Cernan, last man to walk on the moon dies
Gene Cernan https://ww v=wo3-fuYKWB4
MizeJan-21-17 09:46 PM
by Shelly
Adhesive Tape Or Something Better
I need a very strong adhesive tape or anything that will work for my scenario. I got a nice very bright light Led light for above my stove. It runs on
uffbrosJan-04-17 03:49 PM
by jazz4free
Obama's Twitter posts
I found these to be a lot more positive than a certain other person's Twitter stuff. http://occupydemocra ama-just-showed-trum p-
StevehikerJan-02-17 08:50 PM0
Mr. Bourdain has it right...
HoosierPapaJan-02-17 03:25 PM
by KJT
Apple sued over fatal car crash
This family got in a car crash and their 5 year old died of her injuries. So they sued Apple. Why? Because the driver that crashed into them was using
jasonlevineDec-30-16 08:23 PM
by jbmcmillan
Carrie Fisher, Dead at 60
2016 claims another one. Carrie Fisher has passed away. Farewell to the toughest princess ever! http://www. 27/movies/carrie-fis
jasonlevineDec-29-16 06:49 PM
by Shelly
Pour Feliciter 2017
http://www.pcqanda .com/dc/user_files2/ 28189.jpg Best wishes to all for 2017 . Stay healthy content and safe . Here is a chimney sweep for lu
JaneDec-29-16 06:03 PM0
FBI backs CIA view that Russia intervened to help Trump... Pages 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11
https://www.washingt ional-security/fbi-b acks-cia-view-that-r ussia-intervened-to- help-
Paul DDec-29-16 03:17 AM
by DaDwarfs
6 more radio signals detected from outside our galaxy
6 more mysterious radio signals have been detected coming from outside our galaxy "Back in March, scientists detected 10 powerful bursts of radio
sophie tuckerDec-28-16 03:54 PM
by jasonlevine
End of the internet as we know it?
I just saw this on Facebook; and yes I know there's a lot of fake news posted there, but it sounds like something the republicans would do. http://o
StevehikerDec-27-16 03:05 AM
by jasonlevine
The forum is acting profoundly weird
I just noticed that the latest post shows as coming from Shelly at 10:27 am (my time - Central Canada), yet the actual post that it is based on was ma
dtellierDec-27-16 02:52 AM
by jasonlevine
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!
Hope everyone here is having a very Merry Christmas and that all of you, and all you love, enjoy happiness and health. Merry Christmas, again! D
dtellierDec-26-16 04:27 PM
by Shelly
Canada sets universal broadband goal of 50Mbps and unli...
Canada's telecom regulator yesterday declared that broadband Internet must be considered "a basic telecommunications service for all Canadians" and cr
jujet84Dec-23-16 10:53 PM
by toim4018
How's this for a hypocrite olitics/trump-wants- approval-foreign-wor kers/ I guess we just need to give him more rope; he seems to be doing a good job of doin
StevehikerDec-23-16 04:38 AM0
Trump's cabinet.
http://www.brisb d/us-election/team-t rumps-cabinet-looks- like-a-different-kin d-of-swamp-20161215- gtbz3
Paul DDec-22-16 03:55 PM
by Shelly
Old time dance with modern music dance-uptown-funk-ol d-movies/ http:// ser_files2/15673.jpg http://www.pcqanda.c om/dc/user_files2/24 316.jpg h
bobboDec-21-16 12:05 AM
by bobbo
Google's search algorithm spreads false information wit...
https://www.theg gy/2016/dec/16/googl e-autocomplete-right wing-bias-algorithm- political-propaganda [
Paul DDec-19-16 02:24 PM
by jasonlevine
Green Energy? Pages 1 | 2
Is Green Energy truly all it is cut out to be? Was told once the "Today's Solutions are Tomorrow'e Problems". After a story that climate change
toim4018Dec-16-16 08:39 PM
by jasonlevine
Obama's comments? Pages 1 | 2
I guess it is ok to say this: http://cons obama-disgusting-att ack-white/
toim4018Dec-15-16 02:33 AM
by Shelly
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