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_Chewy_Thu May-22-03 01:45 AM
Member since Dec 07th 2002
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"Navigation Tips!"
Tue Dec-10-02 03:01 AM



Lately i've been trying to customize things to make the most efficient time on this PC.

I've come across some tips and created some ways to customize my Windows OS to make things easier to access.

Here is one solution offered by Steve Y. It is self-explanatory.

Additionally, i've made my own navigation less time consuming.
1) Icons

I have several partitions on my HDD. The human eye will recognize colors/symbols much quicker than written words so I've installed a Icon manager to change the look of some of my partitions. Below is a screenshot. Now when i want to target my data partition, it's a matter of a split second for my eyes to target that red pyramid. No clicking on the wrong partition by accident.

2) Downloads. Everybody loves free stuff don't they? Well over the years, i've d/l many good ones and some that just didn't work out very well. Here's a way I systematically organize mine. In that same partition above, i have a folder for "!Web Downloads" I put the exclamation mark there because Windows will list folder in alphabetical order and this way it's always listed at the top of the list.

Under that I have 8 subdirectories.
(1) Programs_Misc *
(2) Utilities
(3) Multimedia tools
(4) Games
(5) Gooey Stuff
(6) Microsoft
(7) Internet and HTML Tools
Cookie Store

* I've created a subdirectory for any program updates

Whenever someone suggests a freeware, I simply go there and download it to a different folder called "New Downloads". I know you're gonna ask why don't you just d/l it to one of those 8 folders? I do in some cases. But here's how it works for me. If it's a freeware that i doubt the effectiveness of, or simply want to hear more other people before I try it out, i d/l to my "New Downloads" - it's like a holding bay if you will. After i've installed it, I'll move that zip file or program to one of the numbered folders. That way, I know exactly what is installed on my system as anything in those numbered folders are for programs I have installed on my PC. Since i'm running a dual-boot this becomes even more valuable as I don't have to rely on my memory. As an added benefit, my freeware folder in my IE Favs doesn't get clogged up since i don't have to wonder if i've donwloaded this or that.

Now the cookie store maybe a misnomer but that's what came to my mind. What I do is if I'm interested in a freeware but have something like that already, I'll d/l it straight away to my cookie store folder. Example: I was using ZoneAlarm for a long time. When someone suggested Tiny Firewall, i went there and grabbed it while it was free. This way, it acts like a catalog of freebies I can choose from in the future.

Lastly I numbered those folders because if i happen to d/l a freeware and move it to the "Cookie Folder" for archive, i'll put the number in front of the file name to remind myself what category it belongs in. Not important, but helpful in organizing.

If you'd like to offer your own tip/customization, please mention what version / OS you are using. If it works on any version, please say ALL or something to that effect so we know.

Keep in mind, i'm not a power user and i just enjoy using my PC for normal uses such as word processing, playing games, occasional OS tweaking here and there. I'd love to hear what works for you!

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bycycleThu May-22-03 01:45 AM
Member since Nov 23rd 2001
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#1. "RE: Navigation Tips!"
In response to _Chewy_ (Reply # 0)
Tue Dec-10-02 06:42 AM



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