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therubeWed Jan-31-18 03:59 AM
Member since Jan 22nd 2003
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"Call Me Skeptical"



Call Me Skeptical

so my brothers wife calls me early this morning
& she says she was in her car listening to NPR
& they were discussing VW diesels
& then they went on to talk about monkeys
& she said they set up this fake company to run fake tests,
to show that their diesel cars emissions were not harmful to health
that their original intent was to do those tests on humans
but instead decided to do those tests on monkeys

& what she described seemed so absurd to me
i laughed

i said, you're kidding right
i said, go on to snopes & find out its a hoax
i said, & when did this supposedly occur, in the 40s

i said, WE, were the monkeys
& it was not diesel emissions, but Zykon B

& at that moment thoughts went through my head

hitler, jews, gassing
fracking, fake companies, fake lobbyist
fracking is not harmful to the environment, not harmful to us
the Marlboro Man
cigarette companies told us it was cool to smoke,
smoking is not harmful to us
& ...
& then my thoughts jump to present
where a leader of a nation tells us
we don't need that, its not harmful to us

& i'm thinking, you know, somebody ought to take those thoughts
& make a 5-minute little movie clip, starting with hitler...

a stick man, with a big nose
wearing a yamika, sitting on a chair, in a glass box
with this canister overhead, with a callout that says, Zyklon B
& as he's sitting on the chair, he's smoking a cigarette
& someone outside the box says, hey, that's Kool,
& the guy on the chair says, no it's Marlboro
& the scene fades out
to the next scene, which fades out
to the next scene, which fades out
to the next scene..., until
it gets to some countries leader, who assures us, its not harmful to us

& i think, someone could probably whip this up in short order
throw it up onto Youtube
it would have a ton of hits, a ton of comments
including plenty of vulgar, derogatory ones
but it'd be worth it

& i think, Spielberg could probably do something like that in short order, he ought to do it
& it would go over very well,
or my brothers kid, she'd probably know how to do that
short, simple, dark, heavy moody music
intersperse flashes of what some call the devil
get it up on Youtube

a bit later, i had my breakfast
& then i got on the computer & i typed in 'VW monkey'
Google took the hint
not the '40s, but NOW, current
not snopes, the New York Times
so i knew there was more to it
& i left it at that

i left it at that, & went to work
while at work, my brothers wife calls & i say, you know,
you were right, there is something about VW & monkeys
& i left it at that

so this evening, i get home from work
eat my dinner, & watch the news
(yes, a boring life, i know)
turn the TV off & check my email
& there is an email from my brothers wife
(she rarely emails me, or even calls me so early in the morning, hmmm)

> Check out 'Dirty Money' on Netflix

& i think to myself, what is Netflix?
but the Internet being what the Internet is, so there i am watching this documentary on VW

now i pretty much knew about VW & its cheating scandal
i had a 2014 TDI
& i knew a little of Merz & BMW & Chrysler &...

& now at around the 1 hour mark, i knew about, monkeys

so, early this morning i get this call
& in a very few short minutes all these thoughts run through my head
& by this evening, there it is, in full living color, on my monitor


all this time i thought i was skeptical, of most everything
when in reality, i've been too naive
never again

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And now they're using JavaScript to "turn" pages to boot ! SUCKS


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wadewilsonWed Feb-07-18 09:36 AM
Member since Feb 07th 2018
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#1. "RE: Call Me Skeptical"
In response to therube (Reply # 0)


yeah skeptical


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