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Chrome ads
W10, all updates. I get too many ads, the long flat rectangular ones at bottom center of my screen using Chrome, latest version. They are easy enough
lenjackSep-23-21 01:47 AM
by lenjack
Recent Gmail Spam
I've been exclusively using Gmail for as long as I can remember, pretty much from their start. I've always been happy with the pretty thorough job th
dtellierSep-22-21 09:33 PM
by dtellier
HI, Guys
So, here is my issue today. I was given a HP p6 2100 desktop. I upgraded max Ram and decided even though old-2012 it runs so Ill keep it for my offi
kittenmuellerSep-22-21 11:16 AM
by kittenmueller
Drop Down Menues
Recently I have been unable to use any drop down menu from any site. The mouse click activates the menu and then it disappears. I have had this proble
wings515Sep-20-21 07:52 PM
by wings515
Spam removed by moderator
kennethparkerSep-16-21 09:19 PM0
router speed question
I recently replaced a Netgear Nighthawk router with a Linksys velop system with 3 nodes. All installed easily & everything is working, but I'm not ge
John M.Sep-13-21 09:27 PM0
Technical Support
Rank from best to worse in terms of support; Lenovo, Dell, HP
wtmpiSep-10-21 11:10 PM
by Ttech
PS/2 Keyboard
Any disadvantage to using a PS/2 keyboard over a USB one? I just connected my old PS/2, and kind of like starting up with an "any key" press.
lenjackSep-05-21 10:56 PM
by lenjack
Alternatives to Sandboxie
To test out programs I have used Sandboxie on Windows 7 with no problems but it doesn't work well on Windows 10, at least on my machine. Does anyone
PcqandamanSep-05-21 06:15 PM
by Pcqandaman
World Community Grid
Just curious, who besides me is actively crunching for team PCQandA on WCG? Also, if you used to do it and quit, can you tell me why?
TtechAug-28-21 02:22 PM
by Ttech
Does anyone use Aomei Backupper
I have used this software to backup my system for many years with great success. But am unable to understand how to complete the requirements for the
TootsAug-05-21 08:18 PM
by Toots
Ethernet port on HP computer died
The Ethernet Port on my HP computer quit connecting with the internet or modem or router.So I took the hard drive out of it because I have things on t
DaylilydayzedAug-05-21 01:11 PM
by Ttech
Windows Defender - display virus details
I run a full Windows Defender scan weekly. Today it found something but I can't find a way of displaying what it was that it found. I've looked in P
PcqandamanAug-03-21 03:51 PM
by Pcqandaman
How to cool a fever
https://scontent.fde /t1.6435-9/221181459 _6059909650693270_47 50028289771533476_n. jpg?_nc_cat=105&ccb= 1-3&_nc_sid=2c4854&_ nc_ohc=nNF
bobboAug-01-21 12:49 AM
by Long Island Umpire
Office Suites
Need answer from someone with experience in both. If you were buying a new computer, would you get Microsoft office suite or Office 365 and why.
wtmpiJul-28-21 09:54 PM
by randybedore
From the NY Tmes
BREAKING NEWS Russia’s most aggressive ransomware group, blamed for multiple attacks on the U.S., suddenly went offline. Who made that happen i
bobboJul-14-21 03:47 AM0
Computer won't boot with second HDD attached
My Dell XPS 8500 died. Replaced it with refurbished Dell Optiplex 9020. So far, I like it but I am heart broken at the loss of my Software, music and
TootsJul-12-21 02:48 PM
by Toots
From the New York Times The New York Times BREAKING NEWS John McAfee, the founder of the antivirus software maker, died in prison after a Spanish court r
bobboJun-25-21 03:39 AM
by bobbo
Don't you just hate spammers?
spam spam spam
voreraw250Jun-23-21 11:41 AM0
Just testing to see if this page is live.
lenjackJun-16-21 03:26 PM
by therube
Registry Question about Bluetooth User Support Service
Never mind! I don't know what I did but it's fixed. :rolleyes:
GreyFalconMay-17-21 02:54 AM0
Any Streaming Webcam Experts out there?
This is the first time I have had a problem with a Webcam and Windows 10 so this is somewhat uncharted territory for me. I run a logitech C922x Pro St
GreyFalconMay-11-21 11:51 PM
by GreyFalcon
checkrobotics malware
For the last 2 days, I've been getting small popups in the lower right of my screen, telling me my computer is infected, and to click here to fix. Of
lenjackMay-11-21 09:14 PM
by lenjack
How to Delete Windows 10 Application Compatibility Assi...
I'm about ready to give up and return to Linux Mint. I'm using windows 10 pro version 20H2 Build 19042.928. All the apps I use are running smoothly wi
aldagoMay-06-21 12:43 PM
by Ttech
Phishing email?
Got a lengthy email from this address: msa@communication.mi titled: Updates to our terms of use Is it legitimate? http://www.pcqan
bobboMay-02-21 10:17 PM
by Pineapple8200
online screens flickering ??
I have a Surface Pro 4 with I5 etc. I have not changed a single setting in probably a year or more. I have not added any new apps or programs in a
John M.Apr-22-21 12:30 AM
by John M.
I can't hear you.
Last 2 times I have woken my desktop computer from sleep the speakers have not worked. I go to sound in windows run a test and then switch which sound
ZzulranApr-14-21 10:52 PM
by dtellier
What's the expert opinion on using uninstaller software, instead of the control panel, to remove programs, in W10? I've been using Revo Uninstaller, f
lenjackApr-07-21 10:05 PM
by lenjack
How do you feel about Threaded View vs Flat View?
Given that our forum software is old, I'm looking at replacements. One of the big feature differences is threaded or flat view. Many forum packages ac
jasonlevineApr-07-21 11:51 AM
by Ttech
Windows 10 rebooting
I have just started having an issue where my PC randomly shuts down. The screen just goes black like the power has gone out then the machine reboots.
kd4kacMar-26-21 02:46 PM
by kd4kac
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