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windows 10 and no ip adress
I'm currently running Windows 10 home and upon booting my system up I now get no ip address . has been no issue for months until today. The internet t
mhiebertJun-26-22 08:31 PM
by lenjack
photos too large when emailing
W10, all updates. When I take photos, and transfer them to my computer and email them, they come out huge in the email. Way too big--to the extent tha
lenjackJun-16-22 01:14 PM
by Ttech
Proof, that you need backups
Most of us here, know the value of backups, and some of us, do backups regularly. I just proved to myself--as if I didn't already know--how important
lenjackJun-15-22 09:27 PM
by lenjack
connecting a wireless keyboard to a laptop computer
How can I connect a wireless keyboard to a laptop computer? Thank you, cryptokid
cryptokidJun-08-22 01:43 AM
by KJT
Pretty Good Solitaire
OS Windows 11 Pro I'm playing a game called Pretty Good Solitaire. Can any one tell me where the data files are stored? Thank You TV Man 436 163
TV Man 436 163Jun-03-22 07:49 PM
by Long Island Umpire
Connecting a printer to a laptop
I am unable to connect a Canon PIXMA MG5120 printer to HP laptop. The printer is not listed on the icons. I would appreciate any and all help with t
cryptokidMay-29-22 08:52 PM
by cryptokid
Chrome not working
I just did a full backup using the AEOMI app. I had a nasty gram to send to General Mills and the Chrome web page would not open. Using Firefox I tr
wings515May-26-22 10:47 AM
by BeatColor
How do I get rid of this mini window?
W10 home, all updates. For the last days, a mini window is showing up on the taskbar. At extreme lower right is Windows button. To the right of that
lenjackMay-22-22 07:22 PM
by lenjack
Connecting to the internet problem
I just got a new laptop computer with Windows 11 installed. I can not connect to the internet while setting it up. It shows different connections to
cryptokidMay-22-22 07:00 PM
by Ttech
New Chromebook
I have an older Chromebook that could not be updated due to its age. I also have an older Acer Aspire running Win 10. This has become extremely slow.
wings515May-21-22 11:35 AM
by wings515
duplicate files
W10, all updates. How important is it to delete duplicate files? I know there are several programs that will do this, but is it worth the bother?
lenjackMay-16-22 08:29 AM
by Pcqandaman
Edge Startup Boost vs.CCleaner
Have you had problems with CCleaner scans by skipping and/or attempting to close your Edge browser while attempting to scan/clean? If so, it's tha
KJTMay-15-22 12:37 PM0
m2 ssd heatsink
I came across a Youtube video, which recommended the use of heatsinking an m2 ssd. I had heard previously, that this was not necessary. As an experime
lenjackMay-12-22 02:27 PM
by lenjack
Attachment issue
W10, all updates, Thunderbird email. Until today, I was able to open attachments, simply by clicking on them. Today, when I click on one, it as
lenjackMay-03-22 05:29 PM
by lenjack
what causes the virus that
screams at you & tells you not to shutdown your computer etc ?? My 95 year old Mom (who spends way too much time on facebook) came up with this pro
John M.Apr-30-22 09:44 PM
by Ttech
HP ENVY Printer prints blank pages only
I have two ENVY printers that started printing blank pages: a new 6400 series and a 7640 series. I've done all HP recommended solution attempts: Chec
aldagoApr-26-22 04:33 PM
by aldago
Windows Security icon not showing in Task Bar
This is a long shot but I just wondered if anyone has had the same issue. I booted up and noticed that the icon with the white shield and the green t
PcqandamanApr-22-22 10:07 AM
by Larrykoenig
Total WebShield
Got a popup for Total WebShield for FireFox. I have good malware protection and wonder about Total WebShield, Any comments would be appreciated. T
bobboApr-16-22 05:25 AM0
MalwareBytes purchase problem
I suggested a friend purchase Malware Bytes after being infected. After the trial period, he went through the prompts and got hung up on confirming t
wings515Apr-10-22 05:47 PM
by Ttech
After Hack Procedure
Hello Again, It has been a while since I have had a PC on the bench. A neighbor called last night and said he had been hacked. The screen showed a m
wings515Apr-02-22 03:10 PM
by wings515
Switching from Fios to Spectrum
Right now, my internet connector is Fios. I own the modem I'm using now. I'm thinking of switching over to Spectrum. I have 3 computers that are wo
TV Man 436 163Mar-30-22 10:30 AM
by TV Man 436 163
Computer won't boot with second HDD attached
My Dell XPS 8500 died. Replaced it with refurbished Dell Optiplex 9020. So far, I like it but I am heart broken at the loss of my Software, music and
TootsMar-08-22 03:09 AM
by Ttech
PC upgrades
Hi. How much can I upgrade my PC on 30-50mbps? Or is this Even an issue? Ive struggled to play a game for some time and after upgrading my ram it help
CautiouswigMar-01-22 01:29 PM
by Ttech
Wake on touch
I'm running Win 10 pro with very latest updates. For a couple years now I've not been able to make the system wake with the touch of keyboard or mouse
randybedoreFeb-21-22 01:45 PM
by Ttech
"File not found" but is open and running.
I have an ancient free version of a program named GeoClock. It has worked just fine in many versions of Windows, This includes my current Win 10 versi
KJTJan-06-22 05:31 PM
by nightlyreader
Windows 11?
On a recent updating for Win 10, I noticed that my laptop is eligible for Win 11. Is there any good reason to go to Win 11? I like Win10 just fine.
allstondaveDec-29-21 12:01 AM
by Ttech
Gigabyte bios flash...Intact or Fast?
I'm ready to update my H370 HD3 mobo th the latest BIOS, but I notice, in Q Flash, there is an option of "Fast" or "Intact". Does this really matter?
lenjackDec-28-21 08:39 AM
by Beauvais
Firefox Webshield
Just got a popup for Firefox Webshield. Is it worth a download? I'm currently using AVG Internet Security which has blocked a number of intrusions
bobboDec-16-21 10:59 PM
by lenjack
Open old password protected files without password
I have several old Word 2007 password protected files for which I've forgotten the password. Any way I can recover the password or any way to open the
aldagoDec-02-21 09:25 PM
by Ttech
W10, 64 bit, all updates. Under Programs, I have 4 distinct Powershells listed. 1) Windows PowerShell 2) Windows PowerShell (x86) 3) Windows Powe
lenjackNov-28-21 01:43 PM
by Ttech
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