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Sad News About Shelly
Please see this important post in the OT Forum regarding Shelly: http://ww oard.php?az=show_top ic&forum=4&topic_id= 218328&mesg_i
jasonlevineMar-03-19 03:32 AM0
Strange downloads of jpgs from Reddit using Firefox
Website: https://www.reddit.c om/r/VintageRacing/c omments/9vouo2/drift ing_round_the_corner / I download this picture from Reddit and it has .jpg extens
LogeMar-18-19 03:52 PM
by therube
Wireless Client Bridge
Another "customer" asked me to find a solution to his lack of internet service at his home. He says he uses 'hot spot' to get service. Looking into
wings515Mar-12-19 12:41 PM0
MS 1809 Update
On Friday I checked for an update on Win 10 and 1809 was pending. After a very long download and multiple restarts it finally finished. Since the in
wings515Mar-12-19 12:33 PM
by wings515
Administrator password
Where do I find my administrator password for my Windows 10 pro? I can log in as administrator, but it advises that my password has expired. http:
bobboMar-11-19 11:29 PM
by bobbo
Windows 10 Pro
I going to do a clean install using a new Windows 10 Pro full USB drive. When I do the install I don't want any Cloud Drives on my C Drive. Is thi
TV Man 436 163Mar-10-19 01:41 PM
by TV Man 436 163
Cradlepoint Router
Hi, I have moved to a rural area and setup a camera system in our barn. I need access to the cameras remotely and satellite isn't an option for port
KaosMar-03-19 03:56 AM
by arr2dee2
Android Phone With Blank Screen
Hey all, On Monday, I went to the doctor's office for an eye exam. While there, I decided to text my wife. Unfortunately, the screen of my trusty M
jasonlevineMar-01-19 09:36 PM
by GreyFalcon
IDE Disc Drive
Again from the same owner. This is a Seagate 250GB IDE HDD. I have an interface that connects to the multi pin HDD connector on the drive as wel
wings515Mar-01-19 05:21 PM
by wings515
Norton Securities
OS = Windows 10 Pro I have Norton Securities installed. With the control panel I uninstalled the program. The Norton Utilities icon on the deskto
TV Man 436 163Feb-26-19 02:57 PM
by lenjack
HP Stream Password
Hello and Happy New Year, It's been a while since I posted a question so here goes. This is an HP Stream tablet. So unlike HP it has no part nu
wings515Feb-19-19 03:11 PM
by wings515
Another PC from the same owner
This is a Dell N7110 running Win 10. The owner must figure he knows computers but really makes my tasks harder. After finally getting the PC to boot
wings515Feb-17-19 04:23 PM
by wings515
OS = Windows 10 Pro Acronis True Image is installed. When using a program called regedit. I wish to delete a line in my registry. The regedit pr
TV Man 436 163Feb-17-19 04:04 PM
by TV Man 436 163
Monitor not working
Not sure if anyone here can possibly suggest a course of action, but my 25" monitor just appears to have died today. I came home from work and found
dtellierFeb-01-19 04:26 AM
by dtellier
Laptop screen won't turn off when usb mouse plugged in
My laptop is a Toshiba S75Dt-A7330. When any USB mouse is plugged in the screen won't turn off after the requested time. When the mouse is unplugged t
aldagoJan-28-19 08:22 PM
by aldago
Comcast and blocking robo calls
I use NOMOROBO. which works well, but I'm getting a lot of spam/phishing calls. My phone service is through Comcast and can block up to 25 numbers, bu
bobboJan-26-19 04:04 AM
by GreyFalcon
Cortana is PITA!! I have configured my mouse controls to open Start menu by clicking on control #4. Lately when I click for the start menu, cortana p
bobboJan-18-19 06:41 PM
by bobbo
Lined breaks
I am using OS Microsoft and Windows 10 and am trying to copy a document which has a line break every few words, but not necessarily at end of sentence
aptfourdJan-18-19 05:43 PM
by aptfourd
Good News From Verizon
I got an Email from Verizon the other day saying my free speed update was complete so I decided to put it to the test. When I first came down here I g
GreyFalconJan-14-19 01:54 PM
by GreyFalcon
OS = Windows 10 Pro Over the years I have marked my email as spam as needed. How to I find on my computer where the emails I marked as spam is l
TV Man 436 163Jan-13-19 06:02 PM
by jbmcmillan
More CCleaner woes
I have been using SIW for years and frequently refer to it's password listing. I just tried it and found that the list is almost completely depleted,
bobboJan-07-19 08:58 PM
by bobbo
Networking & Sharing - how to do it?
Networking & Sharing. Windows Networking & Sharing. (I've always hated, never understood, Windows networking, but I've always worked my way through
therubeJan-03-19 11:46 PM
by khouji123
Unwanted space
This pertains to my wife's computer. Since I am not familiar with Windows 10, I don't know how to remedy the problem. I attached an image that may cla
daniellDec-27-18 09:07 PM
by daniell
Transfer of files
All of my files are on my laptop, which has windows 7. I am contemplating purchasing a new laptop. All of the files are backed up but I am wondering h
wtmpiDec-17-18 07:39 PM
by therube
Win Update Broke my PC
The worst part is that I have my Win 7 set to only notify me of available updates, not to download them, nor to install them. Yesterday 12/11 I was gr
randybedoreDec-14-18 07:38 PM
by therube
Dead Dell Laptop
Hello and Happy Holidays, I "obtained" this Dell laptop. It is quite old having XP as the OS. The model number has worn off so I only have the Serv
wings515Dec-13-18 08:43 PM
by jbmcmillan
CCleaner too vigorous
I recently upgraded to CCleaner Pro and find that it is deleting the passwords that are usually in place. I'd like to keep them. When I close a browse
bobboDec-13-18 05:49 AM
by bobbo
2 versions Firefox how to remove 1
Hello, I have firefox 53, and kept it because I liked my addons. Yesterday I downloaded Firefox quantum esr 60.3. In the add and remove programs it sh
caliphsDec-09-18 10:21 PM
by caliphs
HP Support shout out.
We bought my step daughter a HP laptop nearly 2 years ago just a low end web browsing email Facebook machine. So after 10 months the hard drive failed
jbmcmillanDec-04-18 08:33 PM
by therube
Is it worth it at all??
I have a Dell 5567 win 10, 1 yr old. I upgraded to 12 g Ram when I got it. It takes up to 16g. It came with 248 SSD and I upgraded to 500 SSD. it r
kittenmuellerDec-04-18 04:30 PM
by therube
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