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sound system Pages 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Ive decided that I want to get myself a decent sound system for my PC. Ive got a sound blaster SB live in this thing but I only have these 2 little s
garbruDec-15-01 03:45 AM
by garbru
laptop bidding Pages 1 | 2
My mom is bidding on a laptop that is a Pentium 133MHz, 40MB of ram, 2 GIG hard drive and windows 95. It's not the best but I guess it's all I need f
ryan auclairDec-15-01 03:39 AM
by ryan auclair
LS-120 3.5" drive
I have an LS-120 3.5" internal drive installed in my computer. It was installed by the supplier of the compuer - PC WORLD. It is eighteen months ol
MackerelDec-15-01 03:38 AM
by Mackerel
Ethernet adapter switching to PPP adapter by itself
I hope I can explain this properly. While surfing, my connection stops (I am on a cable hookup), so I click START, RUN, WINIPCFG, and my IP configura
Grace86Dec-15-01 03:37 AM
by Bob H
compression of a file......?........
I got a bunch of short clips of me and friends screwin around and doing all kinds of sh*t...and i layed a few tracks of music over it and it basicall
dmx11523Dec-15-01 03:30 AM
by mcnallyjp
OT - Privacy registry hack.
Re-discovery of an old issue: http://www.dslreport,1 994778~root=security ,1~mode=flat . Pete
spy1Dec-15-01 03:12 AM
by WhitPhil
OT...More Linux for those who are curious.......
From Lockergnome's comes this. "FREE" "D ragonLinux http://p rdownloads.
SloHandsDec-15-01 02:47 AM
by BobGuy
Windows2kpro goes to standyby
any suggestions would be appreciated. Kenny Ps. THANKS!:D
kennyDec-15-01 02:22 AM
by kenny
OT - Last Chapter
RoperaDec-15-01 02:04 AM
by Tuff
IE Context Menu Speller w/ Norton 2002
Since the release of Windows XP and many people upgrading to Norton Anti-Virus 2002, I've had several dozen emails regarding a failed script message w
SteveYandlDec-15-01 01:30 AM
by Zach
Upgradeing RAM
Hi again:7 . Im looking to upgrade the RAM in my laptop. At present i have 64mb but would like 128mb or above. Can i get RAM upgrade for a laptop ea
cameronashawDec-15-01 12:55 AM
by HowardL
Monitor Problems ?
Is it Normal, for a monitor to burn-up, in four years time?:(
bealeguyDec-15-01 12:39 AM
by Shelly
UD PC911 Team Results 12-12-01 Pages 1 | 2
UD PC911 Team Results 12-12-01 Join the PC911 cancer fighting team and help put the combined computing power of PC911 to work for a good cause!
dubberDec-15-01 12:33 AM
by npmcl
OT : Tex vs. the Taliban
A large group of Taliban soldiers are moving down a road when they hear a voice call from behind a sand-dune. "One Texas soldier is better than ten
WakkoDec-15-01 12:31 AM
by flatcat
Should I upgrade my video ram?
I was thinking of buying my dad a new video card for his computer for christmas, but before i go and do that i was wondering first if i could get some
rpeyton80Dec-14-01 11:57 PM
by rpeyton80
Win2000 Serv Pack 3
Anyone try it yet? I saw a link to FTP it direct from MS posted here last month. http://www.pcnineon
Zema BusDec-14-01 11:14 PM
by Grogan
Memory Problem.....
I've just upgraded my memory from 128mb to 512mb. (1x512mb) My problem is that while the bios memory test goes okay, when i test my memory with Norto
RoccoDec-14-01 11:13 PM
by Rocco
OT! What do you think of this????? 001/TECH/internet/12 /13/ ut/index.html
Dave101Dec-14-01 11:11 PM
by Grogan
Icons at start up.
Hi, I have a UMAX scanner and Kodak picture tranfer software. When i power up the icons for the two programs appear in the toolbar at the bottom righ
PsychoDec-14-01 11:06 PM
by Psycho
RoperaDec-14-01 11:02 PM
by old dude
checking the processor speed Pages 1 | 2
Hi everyone; Is there some sort of command or utility in Windows 98se to determine the processor speed of the pc? If not, is it printed on the proce
kstumpDec-14-01 10:58 PM
by earthmover
Hard Drive LED stays on
My hard drive LED light is staying on all the time. This just started today but everything on the drive is accessible and there doesn't appear to be
dee2332Dec-14-01 10:31 PM
by old dude
mistakenly deleted NTLDR
I was playing around with msconfig and i didnt mean to but some how when my computer restarted it couldnt find NTLDR I have Win Mill operating system
johnmcDec-14-01 10:24 PM
by Grogan
Anyone Tried This-VisualZone Report Utility /downloads/stories/i nfo/0,10615,93616,.h tml From the developer: "VisualZone Report Utility is an intrusion analyser for ZoneAlarm
BobMcGDec-14-01 10:04 PM
by Shelly
Mouse trap
I am using a PS2 type mouse. If I leave my computer on overnight the mouse gets slow and jumpy the next morning. It seems to lag and it is difficult t
EdDec-14-01 09:36 PM
by Shelly
CD-Rom is going nuts
hi, i jave a problem with my cd-rom. As soon as a push the button to open it and after its drawer gets out, it starts to go back in again by itselft
minacrossDec-14-01 09:33 PM
by Shelly
sony cd player question
My CD player plays regular CD's and I was told to convert any MP3 files to WAV's if I wanted to burn them to a CD and play them. Win XP will burn thes
richardcDec-14-01 09:23 PM
by richardc
Registry problem
Here's the story. The computer I am refering to is an older computer with a HOT-557 V1.32 mainboard. I have recently clean installed windows 95A and
RupesyDec-14-01 09:08 PM
by SteveYandl
mp3 split
Hi can anyone tell me the procedure to split an mp3 file using 1toX and keeping it as mp3 format thank you { all details will be appreciated
bluesclues31Dec-14-01 08:47 PM
by bluesclues31
XP Pro New User
Now running dual boot Win 98SE & Win XP Pro. Loaded easily, but I'm sorry to say, I don't know where a thing is located yet. Even succeeded in getting
FZbarDec-14-01 08:42 PM
by Ropera
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