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test please Russ http://home.pcmagic. net
russe1Oct-04-02 01:45 AM
by Ed
Disturbing Shootings
Five people have been killed in a Washington, D.C. suburb in separate shootings over the past 24 hours. They were all killed by a single shot. Victi
dbahnOct-04-02 01:11 AM
by Toni
Good Daddy! m/content/787364.1.j pg
MisBehaveOct-03-02 11:57 PM
by mcnallyjp
Cyber Camera
For those of us who want to add our picture to the archive, this site is available to take our picture: http://www land/Acres/3072
jhol38Oct-03-02 11:47 PM
by jhol38
KUDOS to Jason, Shelly, and others...
Great job! The place still feels like home ;-)
anthonySOct-03-02 10:55 PM
by vitalt
Check out the..........
SEARCH ENGINE.... IT WORKS GREAT........ Yes I was shouting }> }> Da Dwarfs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ UD Crunching in memory of Freddie (1949-1990)
DaDwarfsOct-03-02 10:55 PM
by Shelly
Test to see if our sigs came with us
Cool !! Great job folks. Thanks for the dedication and hard work.
rhbowlerOct-03-02 09:56 PM
by npmcl
I'm Backkkkk :)
Maybe I'll get to 500 posts now. ht tp://www.pcnineoneon iles/3beb1c2645fdb99 1.gif
DROct-03-02 08:03 PM
by vitalt
Boffins release world's best joke
Are they serious? ;) Carl.
Carl DOct-03-02 06:55 PM
by TeLo
A name, and a fight over who should get to use it on th... industry/iwirb3_2002 1003.htm
nightlyreaderOct-03-02 06:43 PM
by vitalt
Jason - Thank you, sir!
It looks good. I feel right at home. We all appreciate your being webmaster and your effort and teamwork to get PCQ&A going. And we know more wo
AllynOct-03-02 06:39 PM
by billyboyb
Opera Baby
If you want to see an amazing little baby sing opera then [FONT FACE="Tahoma" COLOR="Black" SIZE="2
CrockettOct-03-02 05:49 PM
by Carl D
Greetings all!
Just saying hi, so, HI! htt p://www.pcnineoneone .com/dcforum/User_fi les/3d5707054eaee62e .jpg[/MARQUE
daterminehtorOct-03-02 05:28 PM
by vera
A great read for anyone concerned about security!! /top20/ A long article... ....but very informative!!! Mee howski Cooperstown, N.Y.
MeehowskiOct-03-02 04:28 PM
by Meehowski
Amazon help telephone number?
I note from the absence of any such information on their website that Amazon must actively discourage direct telephone contact. I have spoken to them
oldhammOct-03-02 04:06 PM
by oldhamm
Woohoo. Nice Joint!
My sincere thanks to those who worked so hard to get this going. Congratulations. Place looks vaguely familiar... Scott
serlvOct-03-02 03:48 PM
by basa48
A historic moment?
Is this a first? I can't think of any other event in the history of the web where a complete community has relocated intact to a new web site.
JPOct-03-02 02:24 PM
by Norm
Great way to start the day!
Just woke up, fed the cats, and while waiting for the coffee ran to the PC to see what Santa had left :D :D :D :D :D I can't wait till I get home la
sandycodderOct-03-02 01:54 PM
by sandycodder
dcscriptsOct-03-02 11:45 AM
by Smoke
Great Job Guys!
Hey, it looks really nice here.... (psst! Jason! Can you have Grogan straighten up that crooked picture on the wall over there?) - OH, and ask She
JPOct-03-02 08:51 AM
by Ed
Deja Vu...
Wow!! You did a nice job Jason. It seems like I've been here before. But, have you ever heard of Vuja Dei? It's when you get the feeling that you've
andrini2000Oct-03-02 07:42 AM
by garbru
Place to check in
Is there a place were supposed to sign in at :) Didn't see a check-in post. Great to see such familiar surroundings. Hope the transition went smoo
collegeguyOct-03-02 07:42 AM
by collegeguy
Truly Amazing!
The fact that this forum exists in it's new form is truly amazing. It's been written over and over in this forum how great all the guys that have gott
amukOct-03-02 07:10 AM
by garbru
OT- Pretty neat-o
NT Gas Station The Asp [img src
The_AspOct-03-02 07:03 AM
by The_Asp
Jason, how long do you think...
it will be before Radio Shack sends you a nastygram about the similarity of the pcq&a slogan and Radio Shack's slogan?
Fair To MiddlinOct-03-02 06:44 AM
by TheAngelForever
Um... Nice space! Can I bring my beer in here?
tdrippleOct-03-02 06:28 AM
by tdripple
OT - lol
T he Asp [img src=" unsorted/flamingtrif
The_AspOct-03-02 06:10 AM
by freespirit
it's good to be home
and it don't hardly look different at all. good job guys!
SpektrOct-03-02 06:03 AM
by freespirit
Test [mar quee behavior="s
Ranger BobOct-03-02 04:59 AM
by Bob G
My turn to test
It's like a great Christmas. We got just what we wanted. Ya know people don't really like change, especially the older we get (and I'm about to get
canvisOct-03-02 04:50 AM
by canvis
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