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How's this for a hypocrite [View all] olitics/trump-wants- approval-foreign-wor kers/ I guess we just need to give him more rope; he seems to be doing a good job of doin
StevehikerDec-23-16 04:38 AM0

Pour Feliciter 2017 [View all]
http://www.pcqanda .com/dc/user_files2/ 28189.jpg Best wishes to all for 2017 . Stay healthy content and safe . Here is a chimney sweep for lu
JaneDec-29-16 06:03 PM0

Obama's Twitter posts [View all]
I found these to be a lot more positive than a certain other person's Twitter stuff. http://occupydemocra ama-just-showed-trum p-
StevehikerJan-02-17 08:50 PM0

Do you Really Own What you Buy? [View all] 017/01/do-you-really -own-what-you-buy/
daniellJan-29-17 07:25 PM0

Dove's alternative facts. These are funny. [View all]
Dove in UK shated their new ad campaign. http://oc 17/02/01/dove-just-h ilariously-trolled-t rumps-alternative-fa cts-new-ad-campaign
StevehikerFeb-02-17 02:36 AM0

With friends like Trump... [View all]
With friends like Trump who needs enemies? http://m 6/victoria-cross-her o-johnson-beharry-hu miliate
Paul DFeb-07-17 12:06 PM0

Who remembers Ed Sullivan? [View all]
"Tonight, we have a re-ea-lly BIG SHEW!" http://www.t _edsullivan.htm
StevehikerFeb-15-17 01:58 AM0

Man United legend Dwight Yorke stopped in transit at Mi... [View all]
https://www.thes all/2892586/man-unit ed-legend-dwight-yor ke-says-he-was-left- stunned-after-being- stopped
Paul DFeb-18-17 11:16 PM0

Imagine the havoc [View all] logs/floor-action/31 0002-mcconnell-gop-p repared-to-go-it-alo ne-on-tax-reform Wi th Repubs majority in congress; it'll probably hap
StevehikerFeb-19-17 06:48 PM0

Ryan may be deep into the election hacking [View all]
http://theproudliber ests-paul-ryan-could -be-directly-to-russ ian-election-hacking / A tiny part of me (very tiny) says that I shoul
StevehikerFeb-21-17 02:18 AM0

Chaffetz latest fiasco [View all]
Forget about the Russians, i.e. something serious, now it's: http://occu /02/22/guess-chaffet z-just-decided-inves tigate-instead-
StevehikerFeb-23-17 12:32 AM0

Trump gets blindsided by Obama's lawyers [View all]
I don't know if everyone is aware of this, but Obama has put together a group of lawyers to take down Trump. http://www ump-gets
StevehikerFeb-28-17 02:39 AM0

New Astronomical Techniques [View all]
The "Novel Astronomical Instrumentation through Photonic Reformatting" (NAIR) project is being funded by the DFG within the "New Instrumentation for R
ShellyMar-09-17 08:11 PM0

A Bunch Of Bothies [View all] ews/uk-scotland-3920 5436
Bob GMar-12-17 02:22 AM0

A president's credibility [View all]
This is from the Wall Street Journal; A Presidentís Credibility Trumpís falsehoods are eroding public trust, at home and abroad. President Donald T
StevehikerMar-23-17 03:39 AM0

NASA developing high speed space communications [View all]
NASA is currently working on a pathfinder relay satellite known as the Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD), which may be the first steps t
ShellyMar-23-17 03:52 PM0

Maybe your future computer? [View all]
Mon, 03/27/2017 - 9:52am by Chad T. Boutin How fast will a quantum co
ShellyMar-27-17 05:47 PM0

Silicon Valley sends Ambassador to Coal Country [View all]
Since Trump isn't doing squat to help coal miners: "Trump won Kentucky in a landslide after promising to reopen Appalachiaís coal mines and put its m
StevehikerMar-31-17 02:40 AM0

3D Animation - Giveaway of the Day [View all]
I haven't installed the software but the video is quite interesting. http s:// watch?v=3xPLOJlyxgg https://www.givea
PcqandamanMar-31-17 12:21 PM0

New Keck Observatory Telescope sees First Light [View all]
W. M. Keck Observatory overnight captured the very first successful science data from its newest, cutting-edge instrument, the Keck Cosmic Web Imager
ShellyApr-13-17 06:48 PM0

NASA's amazingly successful mission to Mercury! [View all] /press-release/nasa- completes-messenger- mission-with-expecte d-impact-on-mercurys -surface
ShellyMay-19-17 02:36 PM0

3D printed soft artificial heart that works like a real... [View all]
Technology is incredible. I would have never thought about using 3D printers to print replacement organs. It makes sense, though. You could adjust the
jasonlevineJul-14-17 12:43 AM0

Norwegian researchers make strides toward diabetes cure [View all]
Researchers in Bergen have transformed skin cells from diabetes patients into insulin producing cells. The goal is to transplant them under the skin o
jujet84Aug-04-17 11:30 AM0

Firefox Send [View all]
https://send.firefox .com Private, Encrypted File Sharing Send files through a safe, private, and encrypted link that automatically expires to e
PcqandamanSep-01-17 08:04 AM0

Spam removed by moderator [View all]
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alvabentonJul-29-19 07:44 PM0

Spam, just some annoying spam [View all]
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mandyallerbeJul-08-20 12:05 PM0

Spam removed by moderator. [View all]
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wyb2020Oct-19-20 05:13 PM0

Homework may seem LIKE SPAM! [View all]
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assignmentrevFeb-17-21 01:42 PM0

SPAM---KLM Reservations [View all]
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jadword503Nov-16-20 01:50 PM0

economics assignment help [View all]
Chris RogersFeb-19-21 04:08 PM0
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